Why its working like this?


OBJECTS - I am moving, something is loading, i am moving away, now its behind me, i turn back and its loading AGAIN… Why its working like this ? Do you have someone some problem ? Always i am not talking about things like this one but thats really somehow problem for my FPS… Ofcourse i am playing Official servers only



If Im understanding correctly, its because objects only render when you are within a certain distance of them, to help with server performance. I could be wrong but Ive always assumed it was something to that effect.

This weeks patch will hopefully speed up building pieces loading in, however decorations will likely still take some time.



I dont have a problem like its loading slow (i was solving this problem here but this is not importent now), i am talking about rendered objects… I just came to base, inside my base its already loaded, i am going up stairs, after 20sec i am going back down stairs and my game is again loading texture of all chests, texture of walls and other structures. So, what is behind me and i am not looking at, its not loaded for me and doesnt matter if i seen it 20sec before and it was loaded



Maybe has something to do with your graphic settings? Like low end laptop mode or whatever? I don’t have this issue on my PC, everything renders like usual from what I can tell.



Well, of course things will eventually get unloaded, otherwise even the best PC in the world would eventually stutter and die. That’s not a problem in itself.

The problem seems to be that - for whatever reason - some combination of hardware, build complexity and game settings causes your game client to unload, even while staying in your own base. Which of course is a complete pain in the, er, behind.

But unless your base is truly ginormous, I can only suspect it’s either your hardware, or a game setting - like the one suggested by @multigun

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Ofcourse i am with every problem first trying to find mistake with my PC before i am ready to talk

PC Spec:

Intel Core i7 7700k
GTX 1080 Ti

And yes, i agree, something is maybe wrong with my GPU but currently i dont know what. I dont have a problem with PC with other games i think but i can see this problem like 2 weeks



OK so… I check pinned post in “updates and Bugs” section and there is this -

  • Navigate to - Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles Client\ConanSandbox\Config\Engine.ini
  • Find the section, /Script/Engine.GarbageCollectionSettings
  • Change (or add if it’s not there) gc.BlueprintClusteringEnabled=True to gc.BlueprintClusteringEnabled=False

Currently, this option solved everything for me. Loading is for me normal (tested with 3 servers), in Asagard and Sepermeru i was causing massive FPS drop and freeze lag on one spot and now i can see, its done. Not lag for me anymore… Dont know what is this option but it solved lot of problems for me :slight_smile: Thanks @Ignasis


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