Why its working like this?

OBJECTS - I am moving, something is loading, i am moving away, now its behind me, i turn back and its loading AGAIN… Why its working like this ? Do you have someone some problem ? Always i am not talking about things like this one but thats really somehow problem for my FPS… Ofcourse i am playing Official servers only

I dont have a problem like its loading slow (i was solving this problem here but this is not importent now), i am talking about rendered objects… I just came to base, inside my base its already loaded, i am going up stairs, after 20sec i am going back down stairs and my game is again loading texture of all chests, texture of walls and other structures. So, what is behind me and i am not looking at, its not loaded for me and doesnt matter if i seen it 20sec before and it was loaded

Maybe has something to do with your graphic settings? Like low end laptop mode or whatever? I don’t have this issue on my PC, everything renders like usual from what I can tell.

Well, of course things will eventually get unloaded, otherwise even the best PC in the world would eventually stutter and die. That’s not a problem in itself.

The problem seems to be that - for whatever reason - some combination of hardware, build complexity and game settings causes your game client to unload, even while staying in your own base. Which of course is a complete pain in the, er, behind.

But unless your base is truly ginormous, I can only suspect it’s either your hardware, or a game setting - like the one suggested by @multigun

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Ofcourse i am with every problem first trying to find mistake with my PC before i am ready to talk

PC Spec:

Intel Core i7 7700k
GTX 1080 Ti

And yes, i agree, something is maybe wrong with my GPU but currently i dont know what. I dont have a problem with PC with other games i think but i can see this problem like 2 weeks

OK so… I check pinned post in “updates and Bugs” section and there is this -

  • Navigate to - Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles Client\ConanSandbox\Config\Engine.ini
  • Find the section, /Script/Engine.GarbageCollectionSettings
  • Change (or add if it’s not there) gc.BlueprintClusteringEnabled=True to gc.BlueprintClusteringEnabled=False

Currently, this option solved everything for me. Loading is for me normal (tested with 3 servers), in Asagard and Sepermeru i was causing massive FPS drop and freeze lag on one spot and now i can see, its done. Not lag for me anymore… Dont know what is this option but it solved lot of problems for me :slight_smile: Thanks @Ignasi


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