Why were Transfers disabled?


Title. I know there were PvP problems and complaints, but there must have been some backend stuff too, otherwise it wouldn’t be off for PvE right?

I’ve tried a brief search on the Forums and couldnt find anything relevant.

Transfers were disabled because it had issues where players would completely lose their transferred character in limbo and not be able to recover them, so they are working on a fix for that. AFAIK there’s no ETA on when it will be back.


Numerous small issues but two very large ones.

  1. As mentioned above, the feature wasn’t stable. Customers were losing their characters in transfer. In short, it just didn’t reliably work.

  2. Major update coming. Change how the character works update. With this update, it is better to have all existent characters on a server when it hits rather than having some floating in limbo waiting to insert the old model data into the new model environ. As the character transfer holding pen is demonstrably compromised, it’s probably not a good place to try to update at.

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