What happened to transfers? Bring them back or

I can’t find anything about the now gone transfer button. Either bring back transfers or a door, tunnel, cave, portal or something to traverse the 2 maps. For those that have the DLC of course.

There was a problem with transfers, people were losing their characters.

Last I heard transfers have been disabled indefinitely.
And will only return if the issues can be resolved.


I lost an alternate character I was using to transfer stuff (on a PvE server… not a “cheater”) and after 5 or 6 attempts to reinstate it, Funcom told me it was an “isolated case.” I imagine if it can happen to me, it could happen to anyone. Shortly thereafter, they announced the transfer feature would be temporarily disabled. So… yeah…:expressionless:

Funcom bring servers transfers back its supose to be temporary we dont care about magic and battle pass

Bring transfers back. Disable lightning storm. thx.

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