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When will character transfers be coming back. Funcom is announcing all these great updates and content for the game, but they’re not touching on the one thing players want back, character transfers! The infrastructure is already in the game, so why is this not a priority for Funcom? It was a well used feature and when you make contact specifically for one map (such as the named dogs) and allow people to transfer over…then take that away; with no updates, is unacceptable. Funcom, PLEASE START PAYING ATTENTION TO THE CHARACTER TRANSFER OPTION

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The feature had around what the community could guess a 1 in 3 chance of failure. It was probably less, but quite substantial enough to be taken out to avoid more issues. When a transfer failed a character was lost. When this happened it needed a Zendesk ticket to be recovered. If the players’ luck was particularly bad, they lost their character permanently. Which is obviously a situation that is unacceptable.

Also the function wasn’t entirely universally liked, allowing Siptah characters into Exiled Lands caused a bit of a fuss. There might as many people who are glad it is gone as there is who want it back.


even if character transfers return to the game.

I think things will change. the game is starting to change.

They take their cue from other games.

battle pass. shop. challenge

I’m trying to say character transfers might pay off one day.

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I had that exception… it was an absolute delight. :expressionless:

I have transfer many times without any issue. More than 30 … El, siptah …
You have to delete the previous character from the target server before transfering your character from another server.

That’s not what happens. It will, on rare instances, give you an error when attempting to connect to the new server. From there, it doesn’t show the character as transferable anymore… as though it no longer exists. I had it happen twice in a span of a month on PlayStation. The first time it was recovered by pulling up the previous server backup (my character had a lower level and was carrying items that I had already transferred). The second time, nothing funcom did would recover it and I lost it for good after they attempted 5 or 6 times.

Maybe they could put a warning on it. Try at your own risk. Experimental feature. People knew what they were risking. If things went sour, they had to take the loss.
I think they need to address the problems this feature added in pvp though. They either keep it inactive on pvp servers or find a way to address the issue.
In terms of role play… it’s a risky journey from one place to the other. You may die. :wink:

All Funcom needs to do is talk to Wild Card studios on how to do server transfers.

Part of me is wondering if they arent bringing them back because of the fact that Siptah gear is better then Exiled Lands gear, so if someone paid for the DLC and gets good gear, then transfers back to EL to fight those that dont have as good of gear, its P2W.

Blah blah skill blah blah all that stuff. Ignore that, better gear in equal players usually means a win.

To be honest I think it potentially could see a return as a paid feature. Then it would be justified having a character manually transferred rather than an automated system. If a person could do the transfer and verify it worked, then the chances of loss of data is lightened. But of course getting someone to spend time doing that requires monetary compensation. Not sure how the general community is going to take to something like this though.


Drama . Insult . Rage quit. for some months

for us it’s a game. but for developers it is a money generator

Eh, I really think that would anger the hell out of people. First, they give the (standalone) DLC Siptah. Then they give better thralls, gear, and weapons on that map alone. Then they say its not pay to win. Then they allow transfers. Then they bring them back if you pay for it?

That would absolutely fall into P2W, and would outrage many players. But then again, Funcom has gone back on what its said several times in the past, so I could be wrong.

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I wouldn’t oppose, but I can only imagine the reaction…
I wouldn’t mind at all to pay a monthly subscription to have a better game. But, once again, I don’t see that flying…

Another option could be to make the weapons and gear availalbe on both Siptah and Exile Lands. The DLC should only give you access to the Siptah map. Then it wouldn’t matter. I personally do not like the siptah map. I played it and I don’t like it. I like the named dogs though you can get and some of the weapons. That’s why I liked the transfer…so I could get those items without having to play the map. Give players the options to weapons/armours on both maps.

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I have to confess I like them both, but I see Siptah as vacations. I go there to have some fun and get the goodies, but I always return to the EL, where the real deal goes on. I wouldn’t mind your proposal either. Right now, I don’t even know what the best gear in tge game is. I’m still learning the game after 3.0. We get OP af, that’s for sure. I like that part. :smile:

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