It is time to bring back server transfers

Alright so you did a boo boo. If there is a solution to rollback only the damage caused to some players that would be great. Otherwise some players will suffer.

Wouldn’t it be time to make up for it by bringing back server transfers? I am stuck on exiled lands
(having paid for Siptah) cause I can’t go to Siptah with my toon. And I can’t make the fancy stormglassy chests and the fancy dressed crafter thralls there and the stormglass statues. Wouldn’t it be the time to give us some good news also “HEY! Server transfers are back!”? While we suffer on one side we would remain in the game to focus our attention now not on our lost thralls or lost progress but on this new possibility of trying a new server.


It’s a feature that should never have been held from players.
I’m stuck with a character on official server. Want to get it to my private. Tired of all offcial nonsense, but cannot rescue my toon from the grasp of Funcom. It’s almost a hostage situation, you know, minus being in real world. :smiley:

Jokes aside, I’m afraid server transfers are not being looked at at all, given the bugged current state of the game. I hope i’m wrong.

Hey devs I want to play on Siptah as well to get nicer thralls. Like the people you rolled back for complained (for good reason) they lost.

Why do we who paid for Siptah don’t get to play there with our character?

You’re incapable of making a new character on Siptah?

Weren’t you the one saying that 48 hrs of your personal playtime is more valuable than the thralls/gear that every single other player in the game lost?
If you’re so adept at the game that your 48 hours trumps years of other people’s playtime, then surely you could get well established on a Siptah server in 48 hrs.

TBH these threads are getting kindof ridiculous. Funcom messed up the thrall decay timers and (regrettably 2 days late) fixed it in the best way possible, restoring dozens of hard-earned thralls to every single player in the game. Seems like people like you are now gleefully extorting this situation with demands that they “compensate” you with thousands of Crom Coins, 3x harvesting/XP for a month, named thralls dropping like candy, etc.

I’d be willing to bet half of the people whining didn’t even play on the weekend or are shill accounts.

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Where have I asked for this? I asked for what is fair a period of increased harvesting rates as compensation for the players who lost their time (and everyone else who didn’t actually). For Crom Coins I have enough money thanks, I don’t need handouts.

Since one of the reasons the lost thralls were so important was Siptah thralls why not allow people to get those thralls directly from Siptah. It’s not the reason why server transfer to Siptah should be made possible - the reason is that people paid for it and they should be able to play there with their toon. But the fact that people have been bringing up Siptah thralls as a reason for rollback is another indicator of this problem: Siptah content is STILL not accessible by Exile Lands toons.

It’s also a good moment since it’s good to follow up with some good news after bad news.

So, I don’t understand why Server transfers for characters should even be a feature for this game.

The two maps were sold separately, so they are two unique experiences with unique features and items.

From my perspective, the reason most people want the transfer is so that they can farm exclusive items from one map and bring them to the other.
This does not really seem like a good enough reason for me to justify having this feature in the game.

Perhaps I am missing something.

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Nah, this pretty much sums it up.

You can easily hit 60 on Siptah. I have Siptah stuff on EL I can’t replace, dead dogs I can’t replace, et cetera. It sucks, but it is what it is. I’d like to move servers with a character that has completed everything, but until it comes back I’m stuck.

Nope. For Siptah you need to have the Conan Exiles base game. It’s an expansion. What MMO requires you to have a char separate for the expansion and one for the base game? Any char can progress through the expansion if they have the base game.

Also a stormglass base on Exiled Lands is not complete with the chest thing and statues from Siptah. I’m ok with those things needing you to go through Siptah content. It’s actually better this way than another craftable at the furniture maker. But allow us to get there for this stuff.

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I agree, time for transfers, without mats, to be brought back. I have a toon stuck on Siptah with every recipe unlocked, including delving bench stuff. That took 100s of hours, and since amount of time is the reason for things to be done with FC, there are others who have that invested in a toon that want it available on any server they join.

Why tho? Mats are progress. Players should keep all progress. Mats/items/thralls/inventory everything. This game is all about progress.
I remember when transfers were still a thing I was looking forward to it. I delayed it until it got removed entirely.
Might actually make a toon there and harvest lvl-up tho. Then play when I feel like it.

They could do with more mergers too, not nearly enough servers populated enough anymore to dive on and find open world pvp.

Last time it was horrendous. They should make placed thralls packable and allow players to transfer with absolutely alll of their stuff before they ruin player progress again.

doesn’t bother me personally, if they made thralls packable they would likely lose their levels.

I am fine with no mat transfer mergers too I just want denser population.

though a different thing they could do is binding things account wide like feat points, sorcery, unlocks, etc, that would be perfect, I hate the grind of redoing sorcery pages etc when a server has died and I need to start out elsewhere.

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Remember we were losing characters in transfer?
What would happen, if you lose your toon?

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I kind of think you are right, the middleground here I think is unlocks to account 60 unlock- 60 on any server
Journeystep unlock- Account wide unlock
Sorcery Unlock- Account wide
Feat point/recipee unlock- Again account wide

Progression in this way being tied to the account instead of to the character would kill the non engaging mindless grinding one has to do each time they join a new server, this content has been done by players to death and becomes a chore to those who have repeated it enough times.

its not the game, its chores I need to do before I start playing the game, gather pages, mine obsidian for levels, doing dungeons if I want ranger armor etc.

I doubt they’ll ever bring server transfers back. I’m starting to trust Funcom’s communications less and less. They haven’t outright lied at any point yet, but there have now been two examples of omitting important context.

Recently, they changed the official server rules to allow people to block world bosses. Of course, the change was met with completely justified criticism and complaints. Fast-forward a few weeks, and it turns out that the chapter 2 will move skeleton key chests into dungeons. That was the missing context for that decision. The whole thing was perfectly avoidable, but they were neither willing to communicate with the playerbase properly, nor to postpone the rule change until the announcement of chapter 2.

Why am I bringing that up? Because of the missing context when they announced server transfers. They were enabled in a big QoL update, which made everyone assume that the server transfers were an implementation of a long-requested QoL feature.

Fast-forward a few months, and they announced the trimming of official servers. Regardless of all the problems and glitches and bugs with the server transfer system, regardless of all the complaints about how the transfers made Siptah P2W, they kept the system running until the mergers were done and only then disabled it. And now it’s been a year and a half and the transfers aren’t coming back.

So no, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for transfers to come back, or for Funcom to communicate clearly about them. I’m not taking anything they say at face value anymore.


Well considering the amount of time its been since we had server transfers- youve couldve rolled a new character and had it equal or even greater than the original.

I waited for 3 months after it was nuked and decided meh , i can get all the stuff i want in the time it takes , if they are even considering it right now.

Do you not recall how long we were without gods?
Which came back, so…

I doubt server transfers will be coming back. I feel they took them away since they aren’t able to figure out how to get rid of the shady stuff people were doing with them. Renting your own private server, manipulating your stats and then transferring it to others. People were one punch destroying bases. There are videos on it. Then the god coins being transferrable as well. Summon a god, transfer and then obliterate bases too. Maybe have it be a pve/pve-c thing only?

Well, I am not sure if all mats should be limited. But there should be some sort of limit so clans cannot just port from server to server with massive quantity of bombs to wipe bases after base after base as was the case when they were active previously.

HOWEVER! This should only be activated under the condition that Funcom has actually solved the issue what when transferring from one server to another players no longer lose their character and all of their progress as had happened (even if it was random and not even frequent) in the past.

Please see above. It provided a level of toxicity that was absolutely destroying the game.

This exactly, which is why I preference my earlier stated with ONLY if they have solved this issue first.

Hard to trust something that rarely ever exists in the first place. :open_mouth:

Yeah, had they waited to make that change until AFTER that update it would have made more sense, though it honestly still would be wrong. Yes, the chest are no longer outside with those bosses but they do still drop the keys. The point is, even if they had an intended change in the works, don’t implement a change in policy until AFTER said change is actually made in game and don’t keep the player base in the dark about said change in policy just to keep your change a “secret”.