Wild Rhinos, Elephants invisible

Game mode: Online Official Type of issue: BUG Server type: PVP Region: [server 2201

On this official server the world boss Rhinos and elephants sometimes the tigers are invisible.

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welcome to the forums and when did you notices the world boss Rhinos and elephants being invisible?

even in 2105 he is plagued by invisible animals

I found out yesterday 13th July and today i found out that the frost giant boss is also invisible. I wondered why or what picked me up and a friend said the frost giant

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dang that is new in my game i can at least see the frost giants :eyes: it is the Avalanche that keep getting me :face_with_head_bandage: the world boss Rhinos as far as i can find has been going on since AoS and the tigers started AoW. i guess the predator crashed in the exiled lands and lost the cloaking tech :laughing:

My white rhino is also invisible. I can even take you a picture when i placed it this morning

So im asking will this be fixed, or must we rather spend money on another game where devs answers us. Cause i completely dont understand the ticket system or this forum, if nothing is getting fixed?

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i have a post to list all the invisible/missing things here but it is for PS4 but i have seen all consoles are getting this bug in one form or another.


to be honest right now i would play another game it is what i am doing all i do is hop in the forums to see if anything is done/fixed before i try to play again.

It says i can add to the list but im on xbox can you help dragon

i am just a player too and all i can say is post in your post with screen shots and maybe funcom will see and get around to fixing it. good luck wish i could do more :disappointed:

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