Xbox Series X Invisible enemies

havent played in 2 years come back with group of friends on a server and running into Invisble Bomber Imps, Elephants, ect. wondering where the patch for this and when it was going to happen but been seeing alot of issues about it.


welcome to the club :grinning:

to help you out this is a list i made of the things that are invisible as of the latest hot fix you may find more or less things that are not on the list as i am on ps4 but i have had friends on xbox finding a lot of the same things in there game. good luck and happy hunting and look out for the three skull Avalanche :face_with_head_bandage: :skull:

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Never will be fixed it’s been since may since we’ve had the elephants invisible

Can confirme turanian camel siptha rhinos and the named dog apollo are invisebel on siptha on series x for me on top the beare backpack too

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