Wild Surges active with no Map Marker existent

Besides the issue with standing where a Wild Surge map marker is without any Surge actually being there, which has been mentioned in a few other posts, I have been encountering Wild Surges without them being marked on the map.
Has anyone else experienced this?

Thank you!

Yup sure have many times.

I have even had an NPC existing at a wild surge location after the wild surge has been ended. The NPC (activated) attacked a mountain lion as I passed by. Once out of range neither can harm the other. Later I passed by the same location to find the surge over (no map marker) and the thrall still fighting the lion.

It’s been awhile so I don’t recall the particulars as to how this happened. There might have been a crash, I might have exited the game or neither. The Maelstrom probably came and went.

Yes, in addition to this I’ve been finding npc’s getting stuck in the cloud in the sky and have had to fire an arrow into them to get them to drop.

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