Will abandoned buildings be removed?

I am playing on PS4 Pro.
When I started as a Northeimer I wanted to make a home north in the snow.
I like to play alone and I found a nice place that looks great. I tought no one would come there but now after 2 days someone decided to place a huge foundation close to my house over my beautyful river but I havent seen him play.
Will his foundation get removed after a period of time?

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If that player doesn’t do anything with those foundations after a period of time yes, the decay system will remove the pieces automatically. Assuming it is working correctly, they had issues in early access but may be fixed completely by now.


I think decay only works if the player themselves don’t log in for a time. I know on our private server all of our buildings across the map are still there even if we haven’t done anything with them in months as long as we are logging in, but the guys that haven’t logged in had their buildings decay.

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Thanks thats good to know and a good system.

Assuming this is a PVE server (Or you would just destroy the foundation). I would suggest building some boundaries for your space. Maybe put up a few fences at a distance from your structures to keep even more people from placing stuff around your Stronghold.

The land claim radius from the fences and your main structures should give you a nice space free from obstructions built by people.

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