Will crossbows ever return?

I think you might be getting at something.

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Ive never played a single patch where thralls were ever a worthy opponent. Is this some testlive bs or what? The AI in this game has always been as smart as a bag of hammers.

Prior to/around Thrall Inventories are considered the glory days for me tbh. I have tons of footage of good fights, excellent thrall-taking by thralls and some fairly epic deaths at the hands of other players’ defenders.

Interesting… Yeah I’ve not once experienced anything like that. If you have this uploaded somewhere I wouldnt mind taking a peek.

That actually sounds like a good idea. I was peeking at my archives the other day, where I had been running thrall drills near Marauder’s Muster – remember when there was a T4 priest spawn? That should just about date the moldiness of the gameplay. I’ll let you know when/if any of it goes up. I have often lamented the great change that happened around Patch 32, but we had to move on, right? IMO they are getting better now – but once upon a Hyborian tale crossbow + thrall was competent, raining fire around some bases.

Picture the scene from Agincourt in Henry V, especially the Branagh version.


One thing I remember hearing Oscar mention in a stream way back when was that the constant state checks the server had to do with crossbows was one of the contributors to desync issues.

Well to me the logical solution here is to simply tweak and re-adjust it rather than simply throw the whole concept on the scrap pile. This bears many similarities to the current state of the Dismantling Bench. Yes it has issues at the moment, but surely it is a better idea to simply re-work it, rather than remove it from the game entirely.

Sorry Barnes, but Im with @kevbal on this one champ. The thing is that we dont live in that pre-patch 32 world anymore. Nowadays, most thralls are more likely to struggle with the concept of equipping it than having accuracy skills which would be the envy of Chris Kyle. If anything, that says to me that the thralls accuracy needed adjusting, not ‘Crossbows have to go.’ The point I made to Kapoteeni rings true. Instead of scrapping them entirely, re-work and rebalance them and return them to the game.

I care. Now, I’m willing to live with all kinds of nonsense for the sake of cool, playability and balance, but that doesn’t mean game designers shouldn’t attempt for realism when possible, without compromising cool, playability and balance. It makes me unreasonably happy every time a computer game knows the difference between an arming sword and a longsword. I’ve even played a game once where swords were rubbish against full armor, and it was glorious. People like different things. I happen to like realism.

I agree with you, I’d love to see crossbows in the game. They’re an iconic element of e.g. Nemedian armies in the lore. But I’d like them to feel like crossbows, not reskinned bows. Now, if Funcom can overcome the challenges introducing a realistic-feeling crossbow (which isn’t the same as a realistic crossbow), I’ll be a happy camper.

  1. Dismantle Bench. If the tweak is taking longer than just removing until fixed, then sometimes you have to be extreme.

  2. @Barnes was just letting it be known that the cross bow seemed op, and was removed. But for some reason even nerfing the spear scares people to death. It is the irony in the logic he is backing up. So bringing the seemingly op crossbow should not be off the table. Not that i support it, but in theory it could balance out the spear meta. I shoot you by stalking, so i never have to be poked to death by the cheese of the spear.

Yes but ‘feeling real’ is a very subjective and introspective concept. What feels real to one person in a game may not feel real to another. And unless we are actually standing out in the woods firing real ones, they arent going to feel real. For the record, I am not saying that this is what you are doing here. But all too often nowadays, people just play the realism card to try and shoehorn their own perspective into a game, and often this is done at the detriment of the gameplay. Games like Battlefield are constantly try to make in game military grade assault rifles feel real too, but they just dont.

Its not about being cool, its about having a more rich, diverse and option laden playing experience. That is whats cool. And that doesnt mean scrapping an awesome weapon because thralls are too proficient with them (nor because they arent realistic enough). If that were the dominant mindset, the Sword of Crom would be the next thing to be discarded. They wouldnt be presenting a groundbreaking masterpiece here, but reworking an existing ranged attack which they put in the too hard basket long ago. Disagree if you wish, but for the record, I believe that Skyrim really nailed it when it came to Crossbows (and bows).That is ‘real’ enough for me personally. From what I have seen, they were never really were like reskinned Bows to begin with. But moreover, given the stark choice between no Crossbows ever again, and ones that feel like re-skinned Longbows; ill take the ‘re-skins’ over nothing anyday. As I stated in my previous post, all they need is an overhaul, not to be omitted from the game entirely.

For the record->its a shame we do not agree on this issue. I have seen many of your posts, and you are an intelligent and articulate person. Keep them coming.

Yeah perhaps. And I hope I didnt come across as being too harsh, or aggro, as it wasnt my intention. But the thing is that word ‘remove’ even if succeeded by the word ‘temporarily’ makes me extremely nervous in regards to this game. I mean look what happened when they ‘removed’ Mounts, and when they ‘removed’ Crossbows (its now been what…11 months now, and I dare say that without further lobbying, they would end up the same way), or when the Golden Lotus potion was removed (yes its back now, but it is no longer even worth crafting). Im taking a bold stand here, so that Crossbows arent permanently lost to history in CE.

I know that it was apparently removed for that reason, however, it just seemed like a knee-jerk decision to me. I was reading about/watching CE here and there prior to release on console, so when I realised it would launch without Crossbows, I admit I felt a bit disenchanted.

Now the Spear is a matter I am reluctant to weigh in on here buddy for two reasons. The first is that I have never played PvP before, only watched various footage. Although I have seen numerous PvPers going crook about it for some time now. Im not sure how difficult it is to actually defeat another, competent human players with one. But I am opposed to nerfing it simply for my own subjective reasons. While my mainstay weapons in my game (Singleplayer Offline) are a Sword/Axe & Shield combo, I also carry and use a Spear for two reasons. The main one is for fighting Bosses and World Bosses, as the extra reach and bleed effect really helps even up the odds for me. Im not sure how detrimental it is fighting against other human players with Spears. But I know that for many Singleplayers players such as myself, nerfing it further, would utterly destroy my one fighting chance/trump card sgsinst World Bosses. As such, I tend to prefer the current policy of enhancing existing weapons to match it if possible, and saving nerfing it as an absolute last resort. My tentative suggestion (if its even possible) is to just remove its ability to stunlock enemies.

I think we are discussing 2 different points on each front.
1st comoment–I was solely talking of removing dismantle bench until it is fully fleshed out of all dupes (If you knew what i knew, you would never play officials again after they released it). The cross bow is not part of that idea. OP combat vs Dupe machine are 2 totally different conversations.

2nd Comment-- I was not trying to persuade you or debate why it was removed, just pointing out that @Barnes idea is based around a deemed OP weapon being removed completely, so there is precedent in extreme fixes if deemed necessary for game play reasons. So adding the crossbow back as is/was would be no different than leaving the spear as the meta now.


We are indeed. I was just going with the flow, or percieved flow of the conversation.

It sounds bad on your end. The only one I was aware of is the amount of resources arrows give back when they are put in. Its pain, as I tried to put some Bone Arrows in once for their Bone, and it wouldnt do anything with them. Thats not me saying the exploiting doesnt exist, rather that its weird how it behaves differently for different people (and modes…?).

Re-2nd comment. Ah ok all good. It seems I have been misreading a number of things today. :slightly_smiling_face:

no prob.

And yes, i admin and own a private PVP PS4 server. The dismantle bench is almost game breaking tbh.
I actually expressed this very thing when it was in testlive from forum conversations.



Feb 25

I agree, the more i read, it is more of a redo tool than a dismantling bench. An it opens itself to a new duping mechanic. Really need this ironed out before it ever sees live servers. When i first read there was going to be a recycle station, i thought of something much simpler and limited. Something that gave some basic mats for loot you didn’t want from NPC’s / Raids (a lttle use for what one considers trash and just drops). Now it seems like a farming tool that removes most of the survival aspect of going into the wild for mats of any kind.

Can one not just have a crossbow require 75% of one’s stamina to fire a “power shot” , and use the stamina recovery duration to play the crossbow reloading animation?

I’m sure thralls follow cooldown code religiously.



lol, I can’t think of a role Arnold haven’t done.

just a quick note to those saying crossbows would need to be slow loading and would ruin immersion if they were not.

let me point out only heavy crossbows were slow loading and required winding them up there were many other types of crossbows in acient times includeing one that was fully automatic and could fire rapid fire like a machine gun. its a very intresting subject if your actualy intrested i would recommend reading about them.

Just wanted to chip in and say that spears need a nerf. Stagger is the most annoying thing in the game. It should work right. Exploiting stagger is by far the worst combat mechanic that can drop on your lap.

That said, realistically and historically, the spear dominated. There is a cool video on this too showing it vs lots of weapon combinations. One might not think so and the mind always goes to the sword… but it was the spear.

But its advantage should be range. Thats it. Not some silly stagger exploit which if you ask me can be fixed in a week if I am being honest.

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