Will the feat witch doctor be affected by the thrall upgrade?


Or will these weak undead be still used as sheep to be slaughter? Will the limited effect them? Witch doctor is already weak. A limited on witch doctor could be a nail in its coffin. I find the undead witch less usful right. I see witch doctor a corpse farm.

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The undead have saved my base multiple times. Dont under estimate them. As oer your post the can follow you so im assuming the limit and leveling will go with them also

Are they permanent onced placed?

I believe the witch doctor gets placed in a crafting station so won’t count towards the thrall limit but the undead pets will count since they are placed in the world

Witch doctor is a crafting thrall so is not affected by the limit as someone stated, also all crafting thralls won’t have the level system applied to them, it is only thralls that can fight and that are placed on the ground that will be affected.

He’s not talking about the Witch Doctor thrall (who is a T4 alchemist) but rather the followers produced by the Witch Doctor feat (ie the Undead). The former is a crafting thrall and thus unaffected by the upcoming changes, but the latter are all combat ‘pets’. My guess is that they will be on the new system just as pets will, but I don’t know if we’ve been told explicitly.

They did tell in the thrall update dev-stream.

The Undead will receive the new leveling system as well.

They also stated that pets, (including the undead) will have their overall power level increased to be more on par with high level, lategame geared thralls.


Will be intresting how the instable skeleton whit 1 hp will workout… somthing you will spame and die when atacked for 27 min b4 a random folower die.

The biggest question is: Can pets (undead too) and dancers be healed with healing arrows when the patch comes?

even if you can use healing arrows on pets, they gonna get nerfed with the upcoming patch

Twitch Question: Thralls can still solo bosses too easily. Just use healing arrows and its a guarantee win.

Robert: In the coming patch, we’ve nerfed healing arrows for this reason

Im not even mad at that. As soon as I can craft that blunted javelin I go and knock out a T4 fighter and the rest of the game feels like a Pokémon battle with me firing the occasional healing arrow.

Hopefully food plays more of a part in healing and buffing them along side the healing arrow nerf.

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Well, time to make the dungeons before the patch. Also UC. This patch really changes so many things… Will be a big question if I will continue to play this game…

But then again, thralls will getting “significantly stronger” (which I doubt every day more)… So why would I even need healing arrows then, when my lvl20 volcano/RHTS/cimmerian kills everyhing way faster than currently?

Or Funcom just removes single playing ability on public servers and when you want to play it offline alone, you have to change your dmg multiplier to insane values.

They said they can be healed by feeding then.

So that change makes again no sense then or?
Instead of healing arrows, you need food for the same result. facepalm

The witch doctor feats seems to become less thrilling to use.

Pets, still cant be healed with arrows. Have to check about the dancers. The food healing atm is super low as well.

EDIT: Performers still don’t get healed by healing arrows same as the pets.

yeah i ´ve seen some shots of 17k hp thralls, kinda sad that pets and undead cant be healed properly. food works ? with the new thrall cap and rng involved in lvling them i dont see myself using pets or undead ever

T4 Thralls are going to be a must in all bases. The witch doctor feats will become useless. I’ve seen the Champion T4 thrall. Over 20k hp with high strength.

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