Will the Isle of Siptah be apart of the Exiled lands map?

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Just wondering if you’ll be able to travel to the Isle of Siptah and things I’d wish would be included.

Boat building seeing as looks like an island,
Fishing with a full set of gameplay mechanics.
Water creatures, and the pursue amphibious enemies into the water.
New enemy “trappers” armed with nets lassoes poison arrows floor traps.
AI group tactics in how they react to your presence. Instead if just charging mindlessly. Ability to flank, fire arrows with a armoured partner the two working together. Firing arrows behind you to cut of your retreat etc. Once detected for AI to set traps a try to ambush you.
Birds in the trees and sky also be able to trap them.
Airborne enemies it would be great to be in a forest and being attacked from the creatures in the trees.
AI to be able to climb to vantage points archers, trappers, ambush positions and to also retreat laying floor traps to cover them.
New purges organised battalions, horseback, infantryman, archers with siege engines. Directly levelled to your civilization status. Ie how developed your base/encampment is.
To be able to organise defensive tactics and formations. Along with building siege engines.
NPC relations and how you interact with them.
For other tribes and settlements to advance as time goes by either to ally or wage war against you.
To be able to grow anything from seed, trees we need to be able to plant trees. Fruit, and general wood trees.
Build store sheds, to be able to farm to keep you and your thralls fed. To be able to have offspring and breeding of livestock.
Food and drink to be more life like in that if affects strength and stamina instead of health. 3 days until death for drinking 3weeks without food. Visible deterioration on lack of food or to much food lol.
Sleeping, medical herbs & potions only heal.
Lack of sleep to also affect speed, strength stamina, accuracy, and healing tick over. After day 2 is when you’re stats start to diminish. By day 4-5 hallucinations set in.
Damage to be rebalanced in that is on individual body parts and that’ll effect your abilities, from light injury like numb to critical broken or severed if it’s a blunt of bladed. Critical damage to take X-weeks to heal unaided or requiring sticks leafs or medical ointments to repair quicker.
For the coop tether to not be a thing so if the host dies your still able to continue.
To be able to send thralls thralls out to forage for items depending on their level and for them to gain exp and level up. Ie cook forages for food, blacksmith can mine to be able to send packsmen to villages to trade with escorts may or may reach destination depending on distance and level of packsmen and escorts. Establish and defend trade routes.
Basically tame these savage lands to become king.

Many thanks Conan Exiles for well over a 1000hrs of joy. I hope all this would be considered sand put in one day soon.

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Yeah I know but it would be good if at least something was. I mean there’s so much that could be built on to make it better. Why not voice ideas? It’s not like EA where they’ll blatantly ignore you and give you something you don’t want and with even more glitches lol

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no it will not … will be a separate map!!

Currently it’s a separate map but the devs have said that they are working on it so players will be able to travel back on forth between maps

Would make more sense if they put the island in the top right hand corner of the currennt map as nothing is there. And the map looks unfinished anyway.

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All the dungeons are hidden up there, so it can’t be used like that

Make two games that play the same and dont link them.
I bet someone lost their milk money over this one.

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Huh? The dungeons are hidden physically on the map? And not underneath the areas which they’re accessed from? Sounds strange. But in any case they can move them further away to fit the new island in.

Thats not how it works no. The overall map is fixed in size, you can’t just move things around and make it bigger to accommodate new things.

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