Please don't add fast-travel in the 'Isle of Siptah'

Fast-travel in the Exiled Lands is reasonable because the map is huge. For the Isle of Siptah, however, I think the island is to small to for this mechanic. The difference between these two maps is noticeable, so if you could keep fast-travel out, it would be appreciated. You can outrun animals in this map, and there would be fewer objects (ie. obelisks) to clutter the environment.


I agree :+1: In addition, Siptah seems built around mounts - or with them in mind at least, so it’s fairly easy to get around.

Which is not always the case in the Exiled Lands. For quite understandable reasons.


The map is not that much smaller:

But I agree no teleporting… in the other map mounts are not great so it is indeed more acceptable.

No teleportation also does nt allow people to reset 100 bases that easily, which is better in my opinion (who needs 100 bases right?).


Interesting. If that’s accurate (which I have no reason to say it’s not, but I did not see the whole thing) then the relative feeling in size comes down more to Siptah being easier to travel (especially by mount) rather than being a question of sheer landmass (though EL are still bigger).


Yeah, it is around 3/4 of the Exiled Lands but it is wider.
It feels a lot smaller since east and west have basically the same function (there is n’t much reason why you should visit the west when you start in the east other than different landscape).

And off course heading from starter zone (desert) to end zone (volcano) in the Exiled lands is a lot longer than on the Island from starting zone (the beach) to the end zone (tower).

This is mainly the reason why the map feels a lot smaller then it actually is.
I think there should be a more clearer reason why you should visit the whole island other than the story.


I’m not sure I agree. Either people are interested in exploration and/or story, in which case they’ll visit it all, or they’d prefer to stay in their home territory, only going out for resources - forcing the latter category to traverse the whole land by restricting resources to certain areas is IMO unnecessary. Soft-forcing people to build in certain areas due to them having the only source of a resource also limits the viable building areas, something Siptah certainly does not need.


I agree with the original post. Do not add fast travel to Siptah. It’s one of the things that makes it unique. Unless they really expand the map somehow, there’s no reason to add spires and maprooms to the island. If people want fast travel, they can go to the Exiled Lands once the maps are connected.


The only on-the-record comment they have made (that I’m aware of) about fast traveling via obelisk was during the dev stream Q/A a few days ago. Scott said that it wouldnt make much sense to bring map fast travel to Siptah when the question was asked if unique items from both maps would find their way to each map.

So I don’t think you have much to worry about, as of now anyways.


I 100% agree that fast travel never should be added to Siptah :+1:
I was among those that were skeptical when they announced and later added map rooms & obelisks, I thought the map was too small even back then and still think it is today, I don’t think they will ever remove the fast travel from the Exile land, but hopefully they will never add it to Siptah or any possible future expansion maps.

I am guilty of having used map rooms, but only on competitive servers, I think fast travel has ruined a lot of immersion taking away most of the journey, people you could run into and other things while travelling… Just don’t do it Funcom :grin:


While I do like running on foot and using horses to traverse, I agree in another way.

Isle of Siptah just doesn’t give the player a reason to teleport. There’s not much variety of biomes or things to actually do, the map may be “75% of Exiled Lands” but that’s in pure size. Split the map into two-thirds, pick one side of the map and include the Maelstrom. That is your play area. Why? Because either side isn’t much all that different (aside from Vaults).

That is one small map. No need for teleportation.


True, but I did n’t ment the resources :stuck_out_tongue:
More like recipies or legendairies, stuff like that

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Okay, that’s certainly better since those are generally things you go out - get - and then you’re done (unless you feel like doing it again).

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Can you imagine map-rooms at each vault? People aren’t going to get loot because the flow of players is going to be extremely high. Specially those who leveled up and has access to the map-room.

I wouldn’t mind if there was a set location on either side of the island for travelling from east to west and vice versa, but only powered somehow while the maelstrom is active. Travelling across with no maelstrom is no issue but having to go around may as well mean travelling twice the distance.

If there was a set location with a no build zone around it it would give people a place in pvp to ambush those that aren’t wary

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Siptah is bigger, When you deduct npc camps and so on siptah wins. I\d say remove maprooms on the EL too. Take it back to how it was. Or let us use the portals in a different way, maybe the obelisk now can take us to siptah instead of around the exiled lands…

Unfortunately I am going to have to decline your generous offer. I have a family and an extremely demanding job. As such, I am very limited in the amount of time I get to play each week. In fact I am very lucky if I get to play for a couple of hours on saturday and a couple on sunday. And I dont want to be spending half of that time walking from my base on the southern edge of the map all the way up to Volcano and then back again.

I could support the addition of an Admin Setting to turn fast-travel on/off, but that is all.


I agree.

Basically we have fast travel .Bed,bedroll and 6 beginners spawn points

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Aren’t there only 4 beginning spawn points?

I completely agree with you