Attune your bracelet - Siptah portals and map room

I have played on Siptah already for quite a while and we would require at least 4 portals for fast travel pleeeease.

Siptah main island: 1 portal west, 1 inside black tower, 1 portal east

2.4 island: 1 portal to new landmass.

Triangle or round shaped map room to build for players.

What u think? :roll_eyes:


If you play on some private server then ask your Admin to make Pippi portals :wink: I’ve made some for myself in SP.


no …
we have mounts now, no need for portals


Yes, I wholeheartedly agree. The case had previously been made that the Isle of Siptah map was much smaller than the Exiled Lands map, and thus they were not needed. However, with the addition of the 3 new biomes the Isle of Siptah is now, if memory serves me correctly, 95% of the size of the Exiled Lands. The latter has 10 Obelisk, or fast-travel points, the prior still has none.

In addition to this, many players such as myself are very limited in the amount of time we get to play each week. I know I am lucky if I manage to get a few hours to play on saturday, and a few on sunday; and that is on a good week. And I dont want to be spending half of that time just walking or riding from one side of the map to the other.

Things have changed, and the map has now grown significantly larger in size. The time has come. I firmly believe that we should now add a fast-travel feature to the Isle of Siptah.


I fully support this suggestion as well, with the new expansion, the map is almost as big as the Exiled Lands. It may have been fun in the first month or two to explore but I have been playing this map for almost 9 months now. I want to go from one end to the other end quickly and do what I want to do not spend half a day riding there and back. Not to mention that the lack of fast travel makes the map unattractive from pvp stand point of view.


I feel fastvtravel is not really needed on siptah. Most vital resources are spread out all over. The legendary, named thralls and special bosses are theonly thing that require one to ride out on an adventure. I think the journey is so much better than 2 min travel loops created by map rooms. So please keep the journey part in the game. It is the reason I have abandoned CE, because mapping made the game a collect and build with little risk going out into the wild.


I could see value in a smallish structure (to differentiate from the huge el map room) that makes portals to the various surge altars (as long as they aren’t in use that is)… even dropping the character out of the sky in the same manner would be on theme for Siptah. Or perhaps a lightning bolt and funnel akin to the original wild surge?

Shape it like a well that the character enters and ‘falls’ through (as with well of skelos)

Make it use something (eldarium, ???, whatever) from Siptah as a power source for each use.

just some ideas to bounce off the wall and into the rubbish bin…

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I’d add a bit of a risk - what if this handmade wild surge could drop you atop of some angry creature from time to time? Some sleeping Lynx or Gorilla for example - just to make things more vivid :laughing:

Horses are not that fast and run out of stamina quickly. Once I’ve explored an area I don’t find amusement in traversing it over and over again. If you live in the west coast getting to the Judge is a pain not to mention the 17 trips I had to make moving base across the other side of the map while running overencumbered dragging 2 Thralls and having to stop often because of either NPC camps or people’s building spam not letting me place the 2nd thrall I was carry-moving. I’d welcome fast travel too.

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I don’t want obelisks on Siptah. It’s already a horrible experience on Exiled Lands when people claim around these structures, build walls and such.
I would like something different for fast travel, like player portals similar to what they have in Valheim. That would make for a much more interesting experience and give more freedom of choice to players.

Edit: Maybe this will give players a better understanding how easily player portals can be implemented.
Player teleport function already exists in the game through admin commands, which is in fact Ctrl+Right Click. Making a craftable placeable that looks like a portal, and being able to change its name similar to a thrall is also already in the game. When 2 portals you made have the same name, they connect. Walking into one portal, teleports you to the other connected portal. It doesn’t have to be a portal though. I’m ok with it being a smaller obelisk, as long as players can craft it and place it where they want.

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i also agree for this, as the travel times to go from one point of map to the next is annoying…
but i have depicted it a bit different…
i would prefer to be able to craft (and the recipes could be found in scrolls in the tower or a dungeon) a kind of doorframe that will port u there (e.g. the portal to ashlands, or the portal to citadel etc) that could be placed in normal building as doorframes… one then could be free to craft a room as tight or as big as he wish to teleport him around, making creativity a thing to implement in ur portal build rather than a massive structure like a maproom is…


If there were a fast travel system put in, it would be cool if it were not just obelisks and that giant map room.


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