Please add couple of Map Room in Isle of siptah

Please add couple of Map Room in Isle of siptah

Even a couple, the map has grown since it was first launched.

Buddy, all due respect but “no”!!

Maprooms should stay on Exiled Lands.

I am not opposed to fast travel. But I am opposed to lazy copy and paste from one game to another.

A while ago I posted a suggestion: a fast travel mechanic that fits the lore and context of Siptah. Not a maproom, but perhaps a “raft” on the beach that you “ride” to specific points on the map. There could be four fast travel “raft points” around the circumference of the island, and perhaps one inland in a river?

That seems better than the same old maproom…?

In my Opinion a Fast Travel between the Vaults and the Tower would be nice… that you have the Choice between exit the vault normally or fast travel to the tower…

I could imagine like a portal that open above the tower ( like the ones at the leyshrine) , that would prevent people from getting camped aswell if they fall from the sky.

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