When is Siptah getting a maproom?

With purges installed on Siptah…fast travel is more important to aid our fellow clans. When will we get maprooms of a similar type as on exiles?


Dennis mentioned during the AMA event on reddit that they are looking into adding a bit different system for fast travel. He mentioned that it might be similar to a mod called Waystones but he didn’t give any ETA on when we can expect whatever they are designing to go live.


They keep implementing popular mods into the game. That’s awesome. Barbarian Barber level of hair styles would go a long way! Would also love to see sheathed weapons on my back and at my waist! /end shamless plug


I hope never
We have mounts and they work great on Siptah

But I’m not against the idea if the majority wants a maproomlike thing


They will also work just as great after a maproom/waypoints are added. Horses are not going to get any changes, so players who prefer to use that method of travel can continue using it.


:smiley: as one guy before writed under one of my suggestions about boat that should be added

He said something about outposts (docks) or something like that, for fast travel, because on map there is already enough shipyards. so easiest to make them connected like fast travel spots … because siptah is island and there already ships so why not?


I know, and that’s not the point
I feel its a bit like a cheat

And doesn’t fit a survival game in my opinion
Don’t think I’ll be using a horse if there is a maproom since the maproom will be much faster

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True but I feel that at the moment is just too slow. It takes too long to get somewhere just to stay there for 15-30 min. Building outposts all over the map is also not really helpful because then you have to stay there and farm the same thing over and over again to make it worth your while.


I agree with Narelle. The Map was much smaller previously, however with the addition of the 3 new biomes, it is now quote “95% of the size of the Exiled Lands”. I would also like to add that some Exiles are very limited in the amount of time we get to play each week. For example, I am fortunate if I am able to spent an hour or two playing on saturday and sunday. And we do not want to be spending half of that time walking or riding from one side of the map to the other.

If it feels like a cheat and it detracts from the survival aspect of the game, then I would advise you to refrain from using them. The rest of us want to have the agency to choose for ourselves how we traverse the map.

I say bring on the Waystones inspired fast-travel feature!!


And in the end people complain everything is too easy and finish the game within a few days, now I wonder why…

A map room (teleport function) adds up even more to rush finish the game.

People will use it including me I’m not that stupid to go by horse if the teleport is the easy way and much faster, if someone is clearing dungeons by teleporting I need to use it as well

I don’t think the argument not having much time to play should be a consideration in adding this functionality.

Like I said before I’m stating my opinion, if the majority wants it, I’m not against it.


It is a very legitimate point in market reach. In the end, Funcom needs to reach as many players as possible within the lore/concept of the game from a purely business perspective, if nothing else. If a large portion of your market doesnt have the time to invest meaningfully in your game, it becomes a bad business decision, and the game is their business. It’s our hobby.


This counters exactly the opposite for a player with more time to play, since that player is able to finish the game a lot faster, and might not return as the “many players as possible”.

They may do more sales on the base game, but probably a lot less with the DLC’s since the player that finished the game this quick is already playing something else (this is just an assumption which I see is logical not based on data).

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But again, that’s a market analysis that Funcom will do and make a decision on because they have more info about new players at dlc release and people who keep playing vs those who leave.


In agreement with waystones - as long as they have a cost, etc - nothing too easy :slight_smile:

ps: sorry @Narelle , I may have killed you a little bit earlier, but you did kinda hit me first :smiley:


I haven’t bought the Siptah DLC yet. If there was a map or something that provided the teleport function, that would be one thing that would motivate me to buy the DLC. The other thing even more important to me, is if the ability to transfer a character from Conan Exiles to Siptah is added. When they add that, I’ll definitely buy the DLC if I haven’t already.

I have to imagine that all the current Conan players that haven’t bought the DLC and what would make them buy it is a big factor in whether stuff like teleporting is added or server transfer is added.

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I think you are confusing grind with challenge here. Spending more time travelling across the map is not more challenging, only more time consuming. It would be no different than if we needed to hit a stone boulder 30 times as opposed to 6 to yield the same amount of stone. No, challenge is achieved by defeating enemies in combat, not by spending longer travelling. And if this was indeed more challenging to take a Mount, should you not be travelling on foot to increase the challenge and extend the life of the game even further…?

I must respectfully disagree here. No you dont have to use a teleportation option just because everyone else is and keep up with the jones’. Period. If everyone else started wearing fluoro pink urban sombreros would that mean that you do also? I personally feel that having working commitments and responsibilities is a better argument than poor impulse control.

Most large open world games such as Skyrim, Ark, Fallout, Atlas, The Witcher 3, Diablo, Cyberpunk 2077, The Sinking City, Rust, and the list goes on all have fast travel. To omit it is a regressionist mindset.

Fair call and a good show of integrity there prologue1337! :+1: Hypothetically speaking if it does not go ahead, as an Offline Singleplayer I have the means to circumvent its omission by using the Admin Teleport option. Part of the reason I am campaigning for it here is because I feel for the majority of players who do not have access to this option. Well that and I always felt it was a fun game loop building the fast travel device.


But don’t you play SP. You have the ultimate maproom, admin teleport. And please don’t say you lose immersion, because obbies and mapping are not in Conan lore.

Siptah has resources extremely balanced out across map. For officials it will only allow the all day players even more time to farm, then overbuild and kill of populations.

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A useable fast travel boat like Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls III Morrowind and Skyrim had would be fine imo, just place them at key areas along various bits of coastline.

It feels like they could make a “Hardcore PvP” Server Classification… something where you have the maximum difficulty settings and some sort of increased cost/penalty for using fast travel systems.

These sorts of Servers could be used for Competitive Gaming as well… if there were such a thing as that for Survival PvP gaming.

The thing is… this sort of gaming specialization requires a critical mass of players. That means all the “dirty casuals” that want more shortcuts for late game situations need to be appeased before you have enough people discontented with how easy everything is to create some sort of Bear Grylls level Competitive League.

There are other ways you can sneak difficulty back into the game, even as you give people more magical tools to overcome travel time and distance.

Maybe if there was some sort of “Affront to the Gods” secret stat that players had in the game. Various things could increase this statistic. Exploitive gaming behaviors, using too many magic short cuts… eventually it would call down the wrath of all the gods displeased with your character in all the territories your character controls. This way, People with limited time CAN use teleports without triggering this, while people who game all day have to be wary of attracting the ire of Deities when using magic.

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Here we go again, now in this thread too. :roll_eyes: For goodness sake, can we please actually read the post before replying to it.

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