Please don't add fast-travel in the 'Isle of Siptah'

We need one. We using all the map cause dungeons are scattered all over. Need 4 travel points or at least 2 like West and East. Running naked across half of the map if u died near tower is not something i enjoy. Going all the way from western lake to get sabertooth cubs in the North east is not something i really enjoy either. If old map had travel this map needs it as well.


Use a Bed roll…

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I rather enjoy the journey on siptah. The maelstrom js a danger if you are specced for farming. Just today i decided to run to the tower (spoiler why) to loot legendary chests and had to book it when the warning storm hit. Most fun I had scurrying on my rhino trying to get to the edge are before it hit and I lost all my farming loot!!

Wonder how people travel by using bed roll on official servers? Losing items pets, etc and running naked? Need a simple teleport east to west and vice versa. Thats 75% of original game with 2 teleport points.


East to West obelisk would be great. If you have a base on one side, an expedition to the other side is a real hassle.

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Our main base is in the lower left corner of the map.
Our mat gathering base is at the end of the west river.
By horse its less than 2 minutes to ride 1/3 of the map.

On one server we decided (well it was Mrs, Mrs Jones who did) to move form the east side to the west side.
With no horse it took me 11 minutes to run/swim around the coast line.
The map is small enough, no fast travel is needed.


I’ve been trying hard to play no wiki, no fire/wak/kia spoiler videos. I haven’t found a horse yet after nearly 30 hours. Still haven’t found star metal yet either.

I accidently respawned on the wrong side of the island east instead of west. Had to do a naked run all thw way back. It took a long time and I got chased by a bear into a pack of hyenas and that was that. It’s pretty big on foot. Scenery is gorgeous although I miss the exiled lands desert and snow.

If you die on the other side of the map just choose to respawn at one of the starter areas on that side of the map. You don’t have to use your bed. I agree, no fast travel. EL had biome specific crafting materials. This map does not.

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Well from my own subjective point of view this is either a dissapointing show of hands…or bandwagon incident. Yep, time for me to throw myself squarely in the line of fire and take the arrows. I am expecting some heavy blowback from this post, but my heart tells me that this needs to be said. Ok…assuming that fast-travel is never added to the game, then to me it represents a regressionist mindset. Is it not enough to simply have a feature present, and make a conscious decision for ourselves as whether of not we use it…!? Instead we are forcing other players into one specific mode of play, and erroding players individual choices. I like the idea of having agency…choose to play the game the way the individual wants to, not remove features. Is it really so intrusive to suggest that we have fast travel and that others simply choose not to use it…!?

Look from a lore point of view I get that this is not the Exiled Lands, and we are not wearing a Bracelet fashioned by the Giant-Kings to bind us to the area, and as a system of transportation. Fine. However, when we consider that Sorcery is central to the backstory and gameplay mechanics of the Isle of Siptah, this presented a unique and amazing opportunity to devise a new and better fast-travel system. And one which is not so easily used as a form of griefing at that. Sadly in the wake of this thread, I would wager that any chances of that are now going to be tossed out the window. Then there is the argument I touched upon in an earlier post regarding peoples time constraints in real life. I could make a safe wager that there is a bucket load of people out there like myself who are VERY limited in the amount of time they get to play each week. And I do not feel that it is either fair nor reasonable that we have to spend half of that time walking from the south-west corner of the map to the north-east one. Even more so when we consider that all that is required on the other side of the fence is for people to exhibit some self-restraint and not use utilise it. At the very least, we should have have one fast-travel point in the northern, southern, eastern and western quadrants of the map, or as another member suggested, at the very least one for the east and one for the west.

The bottom line for me is that we absolutely should have a fast-travel function added to the Isle of Siptah! Almost all big open world games such as Skyrim, The Witcher 3, Assassins Creed, Far Cry, The Elder Scrolls Online, Fallout 76 and their respective expansions all have fast-travel features. To remove this concept represents de-evolution of gaming freedom and possibilities, underpinned by a regressionist rationale. I like many other players prefer to have the in-game freedom to decide my own means of play. I like options. And as I always say: The option which presents more options is usually the better option.


So you dont want to know where they are at?

My base is west side.Have one outpost east side.Bed in base,bedroll in outpost.Take off all equipment,place in box.Remove bracelet and you other side of map.There box with equipment,thrall,horse…You can build outposts near beginner spawn locations too.

You could probably run across the maelstrom just fine. The mobs aren’t faster than you are.

I’m certainly in full agreement on the importance of players having freedom of choice. Anything that steps back from that I will always argue against. However - here I do also have to throw in my other most common argument - ‘balance applies across all modes’. For us as singleplayers, or for PVE in general, everything you say is true - personal responsibility, and not being affected by what others do, pretty much covers all objections. But I feel it would be remiss to not also consider what impact it could have on PVP. In PVP, after all, they are directly affected by other players’ actions, and personal responsibility has to work in different ways (just witness the threads about the current ‘meta’, where many of those most opposed to it also admit that they use it because they feel it is the only way they get to play at all).

To be clear I am not arguing that fast travel of some sort should not exist on Siptah - I’ve done about 8 hours on the island so far, and travel is already starting to grate on me. But whatever form such fast travel might take would have to take into account the harm that could be done to PVP as well (as you say, it needs to be ‘a new and better fast-travel system’). (Of course, I might be alright with them devising a system with singleplayer in mind, putting it out and then considering changes to make it suitable for other modes - sort of a reverse Siptah :wink: ).

I am certainly one such! And a good chunk of my “playtime” I then pour into other projects (which of course is my choice!).

However, I really don’t think Siptah should get fast travel options. Not because I am against the concept - I support it for the Exiled Lands - but because it really doesn’t need it IMO.

Well yes. But when said option changes the gameplay parameters to the point where the devs need to balance the map around the feature (and fast-travel applies, IMO) that means that consciously NOT using a feature means intentionally gimping yourself. So in some ways adding a feature can lead to less options, less viable options, at least.

As it is right now, there’s no need to care about distance to the nearest obelisk (or worry that someone blocks it), because they just aren’t there. Resources are available all over the map, though less concentrated than in EL, so there’s no need to hop from one end of the map to the other, either.

Which of those methodologies is superior is a matter for debate, but I think it’s indisputable that both are valuable, and I see no reason to try and change what they’re doing with Siptah into a scaled-down Exiled Lands.

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Or just the first-hand experience in playing the new map. Whenever someone proposes removing fast travel from Exiled Lands, I’m one of those who jump up and say “no, thanks, we have good reasons to keep it”. And that hasn’t changed. But what’s good for Exiled Lands isn’t necessarily good for Isle of Siptah.

Yes, very much so. “Just don’t use it” is never a good argument when it comes to balance. And fast travel in Conan Exiles is a very important factor when it comes to balance.

Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah are very different maps. It’s not just the size – although that does matter – it’s the layout of the resources, the nature of the dungeons, etc.

I can understand and agree with wanting to keep the fast travel in Exiled Lands. It’s not only a bigger map, it’s got a whole bunch of points and areas where things are “concentrated”, for lack of a better word.

You’ve got an immense amount of stone in the volcano. You’ve got Shattered Springs for brimstone. You’ve got Godsclaw and Tower of Bats for iron. You’ve got Oasis of Nekhet for wood. And of course, there are NPC camps all over the place, each with “that one thing” you want from it, such as the Witch Doctor at the Summoning Place. Oh, and let’s not forget all the different dungeons, each with something unique.

Isle of Siptah is very, very different. In a way, it’s richer in resources and poorer in content. While this might sound like a criticism of the new map, I don’t see it as something negative. The new map is very cohesive and focused. You’ve got very few things to concentrate on: the vaults, the Maelstrom monsters, the Leyshrines and the surges.

Sure, there are world bosses and there are ruins like New Luxur and X’chotl with their own special bosses, and there are points of interest, but it’s all secondary. The new mechanics are front and center, and honestly, I think it’s great.

Fast travel – even from east to west – would have a serious negative effect on all of that. Imagine being able to completely side-step the dangers of the Maelstrom whenever you want, and hop close to the vault of your choice. That’s just one of the ways fast travel would disturb the new mechanics and change everyone’s experience on the new map, regardless of whether they use the fast travel or not.

On the contrary! All that is required on your side of the fence is to get a horse and craft a scout saddle for it. As people already explained, you can traverse half the map in a matter of less than a handful of minutes. So, it’s less of a matter of self-restraint of those who are against the fast travel, and more of a matter of a bit of effort from those who are for it.

I suspect that what’s behind your demand for fast travel on Siptah is the inability to try it out yourself, since it hasn’t been released for consoles yet. I think that’s the worst thing about Siptah: not being out on consoles means that we’ll see a whole bunch of knee-jerk speculative feedback from console players, instead of having them well-represented during Early Access :frowning:

No thanks.

But I did finally get one. I finally pushed into the map once I got some heavy armor and a decent thrall and found one near the leyshrine. Now I can outrun the lions on the way there. Pretty ironic.

First off: There already is fast travel. Horses and Rhinos.

The map IS big, especially of you invest your time exploring it. I havent fully explored it yet, as we are focused on getting a nice home. :grin:

Also as for the standard map, the reason I was using maprooms was for volcano, frost smithy, that brimstonesea… or basically? For reaching resources. On Siptah, I would use it to reach vaults faster and thats it. No farming route for leather, iron, brimstone… Everything is basically everywhere and thats one thing I really love about the island. It seems to have taken a lot of thinking when they planned this map and I totally love what it turned out like. Tons an tons of astonishing places to build in, a fun - yet sometimes frustrating - mechanic with maelstrom and how to farm those essences…

Oh and vaults! They are hell of a fun too - okay. Aside of those drowned ones. I hate how they let me go blind.


And now go back in time, when CE was just released into it’s EA.
There was no dungeon at all. Basically being left to just battle each other (meaning players) and farming thralls. And build your home with way less option than we have now.

I am very positive about future content when looking at the exiled lands map and how it envolved.

I am very happy about current content. What I wrote and what you quoted wasn’t a complaint at all. :smiley:

I am cautiously optimistic about future content, because I hope Funcom will be able to avoid repeating some of the mistakes from Exiled Lands.

That’s precisely because I’m arguing against the fast travel on Siptah, because I want this to keep being a tight and cohesive experience, different from Exiled Lands.

Mikey said it a lot better than I did:


This wasn’t exactly meant to be thrown back at you, rather like me agreeing with you.

14 vaults is WAY more content, then what the game had at it’s original EA. Stuff will be added.

The sole issue I see there is balance.
If all weapons where basically balanced and one just had different ways to get a grip of some good weapon+armor, I would like it more than getting more stronger stuff every few months. Diversity instead of adding some step - as most steps will be ignored when leveling up anew anyway.

Like… think about what might have happened if dregs weapons had epic options as well.
Sometimes, stuff would turn too easy to get. Just like dregs being easy to finish for a lvl 60 compared to a lvl20 toon.

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