Will VOIP work on XBOX ONE

Hi Guys, does anyone know if this works or is ever going to work. I reside on a roleplaying server and being able to speak to people you meet in the world would be awesome.

At the risk of sounding uneducated what is VOIP? I use a headset to talk to people when I play.

It Voice Over Internet Protocol, I guess I mean us there anyway on Xbox you can talk to players within the game rather than having then invited to a Xbox chat?

Hey there,

Yes, it should (as of Xbox Patch (09.04.2020) - Vivox, Hannuman's Grotto and dashboarding fixes!), but you may find varying results.
If you have any issues, report them on the Xbox bug subforums (How to be a pro Xbox Bug Hunter (PLEASE READ)).

See also Vivox’ troubleshooting page.

I only use private chat so I can’t be certain but I think if you’re using a headset and aren’t in chat then other players in proximity can hear you.

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