Will we be able to tame non-standard critters?

Not quite sure where to put this, but here goes…

So with Taming and Jibbly Sack (Jhebbal Sag) on the way, I find myself wondering if we’ll be able to “befriend” the more hostile and alien critters in the world, such as the Sandstorm Beasts, Imps, Reptilian Monstrosities, Rocknoses, and maybe even Dragons (for siege purposes)…

Devs, do you think that taming such creatures may be a possibility, or will we have to rely on mods for that?

(Would mention the CMs since they could probably actually ask the Devs about that, but new users aren’t allowed to mention other users, so.)

I can’t find the reference for this, but I thought Jens said something about the tameable (sp?) critters being any animal where you can see babies. If that’s the case, so far the list at a minimum would include shellback, crocodiles, wolves, hyenas, rhinos, elephants, bears, and possibly scorpions (I may have missed something). I don’t know if the four laying animals’ eggs would count either, which would again include shellback and crocodiles plus locusts and ostrich. Again, I couldn’t find the actual reference for this, so I might be totally wrong.

Forgot deer, antelope, and boar.

Ah, true. They said that during one of the livestreams. Hopefully though taming of ‘Supernatural’ critters will come as a perk of being a Disciple of Jhebbal Sag. It would be nice to see some loyalty benefits to only having a specific religion.

Theoretically something like that would be more related to sorcery, if we ever get it. Making pacts with demonic creatures, raising the dead, etc…

I found tiger cubs.

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