Bio diversity or more critters to kill

While there is currently an almost acceptable variety of beasties I feel we need a bit more diversity especially if and when animal taming becomes a thing. Naturally I’ve putt together a short list organized by biome with unnatural monsters as their own category.

Desert/ River
Zebras You already have a horse model just give it a different skin.
Dromedaries, Or one hummped camels to all you casuals.
Hippos, Of the Giant toothy prehistoric variety please.
Jackals, Good low level hostile predators
Quails, Adorable source of meat feathers and eggs.
Goats, Entry level livestock. Found mostly in NPC camps.

Sivatherium, Prehistoric giraffe moose. Get those over used gazelle outta there!
Serpopards, Looks like a cross between a reptile and a leopard. Considered sacred to Settites.
Peahens and their male counterparts which I am not aloud to mention on these forums. Nice for adorning gardens or as a source of meat, eggs and feathers.
Water buffalo, Best of burden or source of hides, meat and milk.
Tapir, a jungle dwelling mammal that looks like a cross between a big and a elephant.
Monkeys, Because somebody’s gotta spawn up in the trees and throw poop at us.

Hares, I know there are a handful of bunnies up there but we need more.
Aurochs, Gigantic ancestors of modern cattle. It was common for the males to reach the size of a small elephant. I can see herds of these being kept in the valley surrounding New Asagarth. You have to be careful when trying to rustle these moo cows.
Pheasants, Another low level source of meat, eggs and feathers.
Foxes, Retextired versions of the jackals. They are a good source of fur for their size.
Sheep, Source of wool and mutton. Usually found in NPC camps.imageimageimage

I’ll post the monsters after work.


I like this list, love variety… But honestly for some of us the game has enough problem rendering what we already have. I think some major improvements need to be made by way of server optimization before anything else is added in terms of mobile objects.

I would like to see a combination of some more small critters and some more monsterous things like the dragons.

I would love it there were a few wandering raid bosses meant to be fought by a clan something that will just mess up singular players and obliterate small little foundations thins will help clear out a map. Maybe have it drawn to highly structure populated areas to stop the foundation spamming too

Ideally the purge is supposed to be taking care of overbuilt and underused areas but that still seems like it is a ways off.

As promised here are my suggestions for non human non animal monsters. All come from REH stories.

People of the Dark, Children of the Night. A race of near human troglodytes driven underground by the more advanced races of man. The last known sighting of such a creature was in the early 20th Century. By that time the sons of life in the dark had transformed the race into something that could in no way be considered human. However during the Hyborian Age these people likely yet retained a moderate level of technical and cultural advancement. Scholars have speculated that encounters with this race in antiquity is what gave rise to the elves, dwarfs and trolls of myth.

Deep Worms, Worm Gods. Longer before even the Hyborian Age began legend speaks of a lone Aesir hero doing battle with a gargantuan slithering writhing maggot-like god that had been worshiped by an extinct prehuman species. The thing was as massive as temple complex and maddening to look upon. The hero Niord slew the beast but was mortally wounded in the battle. Thankfully in more recent time such monstrosities are unknown. Though who is to say that the spawn of that demonic maggot do not still wriggle and feed in the dark places of the world?

Hoofed Things, Monsterious creatures invited into the human world by employment of the black arts. Though little more then a mewling helpless mass upon arrival they develop quickly if they are able to feed on the life force of living creatures. Once the creature is able to acquire human sustenance it’s rate of growth increases exponentially. Many sorcerers summon these creatures intending to use them as horrible servants. However in almost every case there is a point when the master can no longer provide his loathsome pet with enough nourishment. When this happens the sorcerer himself falls victim to the thing’s demonic appetite.


i would like smaller locusts [though they seem more liek giant termites to me] too, large dragonflies, butterflies for ambiance, raccoons, small birds, like vultures but rabbit size that flutter away when you near.

but also, i’d love a mermaid/merman that lives in the water along the eastern border that if you come near swims away beyond the green wall :open_mouth: