Why don't these two animals exist?


I wouldnt object to seeing either of these animals added into the game, especially the giraffes. Im always up for expanding the bestiary provided that there is lore to support the proposed additions. If they were anything like like real life the hippos would make for formidable opponents! Maybe a mini-boss along the lines of the lion. It would be even better if they were added into the Western Savanna biome (Crowngrove). It could benefit greatly from offering something unique such as these two animals, and give us an incentive to go back there. At this point I virtually never go to the Western Savanna, as the Eastern one has everything it does, and more.


But there’s rhinoceros and Elephant
So there must be hippos and giraffes

The tiger in the game doesn’t seem so real

His fur and color

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Let’s start with replacing the savannah tigers with female lions, then make pets have more utility and then we can talk about adding new ones…

All in all, a bigger variety of encounters is a good thing.

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The tiger is the king of the jungle

Hippo, thou fast on land and very aggressive. Needs water… And we dont even have working crocs yet. XD

I can see why they didnt get in.

giraffes… I dont see point of murdering a poor giraffe. XD

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Imagine the wall-mounted head with all of the neck still attached. Next best thing after a mounted swordfish.

Well, no one forces your hand to do that. I think less hostile encouters wouldnt be a bad thing. If the actual hostile encounters became more dangerous…

people playing on “barbaric” know what I mean :wink:

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