Windows 8.1 issue with Direct 9 installed all dll

I’ve gone to MS site and run their program installing the drivers, plus manually installed the D3d9_43.dll file that AO pops up and says is missing when you run the game as administrator to both the System32 and SysWOW64 folders. Still would not run… missing Directx9 file. Ran again as administrator to see if it gave a different file. This time it gives the same message when you try to click on it asking if you want to visit Microsoft direct website to download it.

This is a gaming laptop. Granted it is older but it has a AMD Radeon mobility 5800 series graphic card. This laptop originally came with Windows 7. The only thing I’m wondering is if my catalyst control center could be the culprit. You likely would know.

I have tried to look online for resolution. I have even reinstalled the game after installing the drivers before downloading and reinstalling the game. Same issue. I used to play this game on a paid account with obviously a much older computer back in the day LOL. I spent about 5 hours today trying to troubleshoot and resolve this problem. I do have a background in technical support so I was hoping I could manually fix it.

I’m disheartened that I wanted to go back in and play a much beloved game and after all this effort have reached a dead end. Just an FYI I was a beta tester for The Secret World. I love that game as well. I’m hoping that you might have the fix.

Thank you.

Afaik this helped some ppl with directx issues…

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