Witch doctor undead

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I don’t remember FC saying they were removing the knowledge completely from our characters that learned it. 2 of my characters with the old skill no longer have it. Can someone either pointe to the notes that stated it’s gone from our knowledge and or confirm it’s missing from your character as well?

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It’s been removed but not removed. I have no info on patch notes but the only way for you to know it is to unlock all recipes with admin mode. Also the powder you need doesn’t spawn anymore.

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I don’t think they ever explicitly stated that anyone who knew the knowledge would lose it, but they did make it clear that the Witch Doctor stuff was going to be gone with 3.0 (except for already made undead followers).

I spent a week straight crafting a bunch of undead in preparation for it.

It does, but without the knowledge, you can’t do anything with it.


I raided the Summoning Place like ten times and didn’t get any. Before 3.0 it was garneted. Where are you finding it?

It was removed from the chests, but not the Darfari Witch Doctor’s loot. Kill the Witch Doctors and they will occasionally have some.


It’s getting hard to keep up!

I think someone mentioned you can grind corrupted stones to make corruption powder but I don’t have my game to test it

That would be cool, but no, you cannot grind them.

they removed but still in game, probably for next ages, we gonna get necromancy back (reworked).
just now it like crossbows, you can still find them via admin mode recipes, but cant proper use them

Good to know

They never actually remove things. They just lock them from use. I doubt it will come back. They seem happy with the new zombies.

I need to make some screen shots of my crossbow from the old days as memorial to the old days keep it on my character accidently dropped a few times but still have it. @Denversetti

I still see it on siptah

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Exactly @jmk1999, very correct Not only we have corruption powder in Siptah, but we still get the recipe either from Schematic Fragments either from Vaults :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. 2 nights ago i took 3 times in the row this damn recipe and i was what the hell???
Please REMOVE IT from Siptah, PLEASE!!!


Yeah. I got the recipe from fragments on Siptah and my first reaction was “oh, yes, it’s back!”

Then I realized I couldn’t actually learn the recipe, but had wasted five recipe fragments on a piece of toilet paper. And we didn’t even have toilets back then!

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Many players also have reserves of the dust u mention. The feat is just gone.

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The ability to get it is gone. The recipes still exists. You sadly need “Unlock all recipes” in order to use it.

I just looted 12 Dust of Corruption the other day from a Ghoul looking boss. Unsure if it is the same boss as the one summoned on Siptah with the Ghoul Figurine. Did not drop a Ghoulish weapon.

The Famished shares the Witch Doctor’s loot table.

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Actually no, that’s what we are saying. The knowledge is just gone. Go back to an old character that had it unlocked prior. It’s gone gone. Siptah having the recipe available but unable to learn from it is telling me the knowledge itself has been removed.

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This is the one.