Witch Hunt part 2, Electric Bugaloo

This one has had some time to poke at the current reiteration of the Witch Hunt and so shall now share their thoughts in what may be a coherent adjacent manner.
Do not get comfy with this level of clarity.

The Good

  1. The Tiger Truncheon and Dead Woman’s Tresses. These are excellent. As the event is about bring them back alive research, having top tier tools available thru the event it’s is very coherent. It fits. The activity cycle feeds into the rewards. Having these two legendaries available as purchasables feels good.
  2. The update to the items in the sorcerer satchels. This is very good for this update. Having mid to high end truncheons and bindings in the drops of the targets you are supposed to be bringing back alive for better rewards is a nice touch to nudge one to that cycle. And if not, they can be dismantled.
  3. That Sledgehammer. The Guardian Willbreaker? This one doesn’t use Hammer type weapons often. But that one item is very strong. The price is high, but not overly so. Especially for such a potent weapon. In the future this one would like to see a fixed top tier weapon or such available during events. It rewards with necessitating participation. And if hammer isn’t your thing, perhaps the next event will have a Shortsword or such.
  4. Recipes. Mad Prophet has been missing for awhile, but having all recipes available, rather than just armour pieces, is grand. The new Khitan slavery set is not this one’s favourite, but it fills a niche and having the recipe present is greatly appreciated. Also having the cages, bowl, and other trappings of the event are nice. It feels mostly coherent. Other than the fireworks. But this one likes the fireworks so they get a pass.
  5. Cost/Placement/Cadence. This one found the Sacred Hunt far too grindy and the inconsistency of it’s availability was a hassle. The effort-reward balance for this itineration of the hunt feels much better.

The not so good.

  1. Can we talk about the timing of bugs. Black Corsairs and Drunken Pirates on Siptah are now immune to incapacitation. That they are one of a very small number of factions on that map, it is extremely bad timing, coupled with whatever bizarreness is going on with Cimmerian/Accursed damage reduction, it crimps what would otherwise be a more jaunty process.
  2. So, about those bugs… The Sorcery events aren’t back. But Grave Matters is. Unfortunately, the baddies there don’t drop Magi Skulls. Having the exchange shop, but missing out on the corresponding limited time foes makes this more like 2/3rds of an event.
  3. This will be contentious. The followers for sale. The Dalinsia and Janos cloning vats are back. Buying named thralls in bulk is just silly, especially when there are so many anonymous tier 4 combatant followers in game.
  4. This is another Siptah exclusive. The dialogue about Mek Kamoses is still extremely silly given no such individual is on the Isle. Also, several wagon spots have no Sorc spawns nearby, which is just absurd.

Suggestions for Improvement moving forward.

  1. We all know that bugs are an issue. The particular bugs mentioned, especially the Grave Matter rather than Witch Hunt event spawns, are tarnishing the process. Slightly tighter QC is a general suggestion that is very pertinent at this moment.
  2. Event tied Legendaries. This is almost perfect in this one’s opinion. The only tiny constructive feedback here would be to consider including one Strength and one Agility weapon in each event.
  3. Followers for sale. For combatant followers, please adjust the pool they are drawn from. This one suggests two grades of purchase. A cheap one that gives the Khitan Exiles as a follower, and the extensions that draws from Nord Berzerker, Cimmerian Berzerker, Relic Hunter TS, Black Dragon Elite, ect. Anonymous ones, and especially if possible, weighted to ones not otherwise available on the map they are purchased on. Also, leave named crafters out, put smiths in the mix, but they all come out at tier 3. Still useful early on, but less of a break point for PvP and such.
  4. On Siptah, please either simply remove the dialogue parts about Mek. Or, alternatively, for the Witch Hunt event, put a Mek’s minion NPC at the Heretic haunt, instead of the cart, just something to wrap this together.

An issue moving forward on Siptah, if memory serves, one of the boss sorcerer spawn points is now occupied by one of the demolishable bases.

Anyone else notice anything?


A solid summary of the current event and a good comparison made with the previous event.
I’ll add that i feel the hardened steel weapon rewards are mildly useless. I wouldn’t mind a corrupted weapon, or maybe a more reasonable option: a satchel bundle (full stack of Leather Satchels for say a 150 obolus)

Also: the crafter rewards are a bit counterproductive. Out of 5 tries i got 4x Stinkfinger (T4 Tanner) and 1 smelter.

I’d argue tanners, smelters and cooks are not needed in those kinds of numbers whatsoever.

To really emphasize a point you made as well: thrall diversity! I’d love to be able to change NPC voice lines but until then some thrall diversity— even if just from a temporary event reward, would be nice.

Add to that the fact that good Agility thralls aren’t as available and viable as i’d personally like. This would have been a good chance to add some Khitanian thralls or maybe some Sorcerers that got lobotomized.


This one tends to agree with the appraisal of the hardened steel weapons.
If there were a full rack to choose from, they would be an excellent leg up for those starting new on a server, but as they are locked down, less so.
Honestly, this one has forgotten they are even available at this time. :sweat_smile:

On a tangent, thrall voice lines are sometimes funny.
Hearing Black Corsairs scream “For the North” is always a touch amusing.
Also, something may be going wrong somewhere in the pasta pile code, as many lines don’t match up to their subtitles.

If this one could make one general game tweak for followers, it would be the ability to take them to the orb of nergal for appearance editing.


Other than the list of no good terrible bugs:

  1. My hearing and sight are pretty garbage but most of the time when my only Cannibal Brute gets into a fight “Yog take me.” Pops up as a subtitle. It doesn’t match to whatever she is saying and is typically what they say when they die. (I don’t take her out often because I panic reading that.)

  2. The servers on Xbox are getting worse with each update. I’m sure that’s cross platform.

  3. Other than the lovely floor bug, I still can’t read the UI and my inventory is still janky. Please give us some sort of icon size toggle.

And an edit: I will absolutely give them credit for the new items. I really enjoy how ridiculous the truncheon is.


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