With the next update

With the next update you clearly don’t care what us players are saying and are going to destroy what us old time players built up over the 2 years of playing. When some of us asked we got told that we could just go play on a private server. The insult that statement has to players who stayed with the game all this time is telling of how you think of us.

What i want to propose is that you let us download our bases and items off the online servers so we can upload them to our own servers or into single player before you implement the next update.


is if they wanted to feel the fury of the players, the players who buy DLC, which is us from the giant bases, succeeded!

It sure has a lot more where it started from yesterday to today, nobody even talks about horses lol

This is very sad, I’m not celebrating!

its refreshing the gameplay, go make your giant bases more efficient. 8]

Downloading an official server database won’t be an option due to privacy issues.
Should you decide not to adapt to the change, we’d recommend joining or starting in a private server with that cap lifted or modified to suit your playstyle.
For any additional feedback regarding this limit, feel free to share it in the main thread: