Wolves Gate // PVE-C

Welcome to Wolves Gate! A Conan Exiles Sever!
PVE-Conflict Sever
Founded March 8th, 2019
Officially opened March 17th, 2019

Name under server list: Wolves Gate / Server rules on Discord
Query Port: 28515

Currently a 10 slot server.

We offer items kept on death, 2x the XP, 2x Harvesting. Community base, an arena that will be used for events at a later date. Stone tools and weapons for new characters (Left at an alter near the spawn point.)

Enabled: Purges, Sandstorm, and avatars.

PVP/Base Raiding is restricted to the weekends only, 8pm to 11:59pm.

General Rules::

  1. Be respectful of others on the server, and in the discord. No harassment of any kind will be tolerated.

  2. No griefing.

  3. The Community Base is for everyone to use, do not leave items in the community base if you do not want to loose them. Anything in the community base is available to anyone and everyone, but do not be selfish and take everything just because it’s there. If someone is obviously standing there and working on something, do not take it from them. Do not leave wanted items unattended in the community base. Once unattended, they are up for grabs.

  4. No raiding an offline player’s base.

  5. No destroying of community buildings, (I.E. Arena, community base, welcome zones, and etc…)

  6. Using any form of cheating is not tolerated.

  7. English only in global/voice chat./discord.

  8. Swearing is tolerated, but up to a point.

  9. Strictly no obscenity in your in-game name or clan name.

  10. Change your discord nickname to your in-game character name if it does not already match.

Building Rules::

  1. You are allowed a max of ONE building location. [This does not include a clan base.] If caught having more then the allotted buildings allowed, you will be asked to remove the extra buildings, you will be able to keep the one of your choice. If not removed in the allotted time given to remove said structures, all structures will be removed. Personal bases MUST be indicated by a sign post somewhere near the structure.

  2. Each clan is allowed ONE clan base. This MUST be indicated by having a sign post somewhere near the structure.

  3. If a structure is not indicated with a sign, and we are unable to find the owner of the structure, the structure will be removed.

Signs will be provided at the Community Base, if there are no signs, please let an admin or moderate know.

  1. Do not block other player’s from building in locations. Anyone caught blocking another player from building in a zone, by building random structures that have no purpose, will receive a warning, and have the structures removed. If caught doing this repeatedly. You will be removed from the server.

  2. Do not block important locations, I.E. important NPCs, religion points, and etc.

  3. No building, PVP, Raiding, and etc… in the starter zone. It is the outlined green area on the map, which can be found in #map This is the learning area. Gathering, and killing NPCS is allowed in this area.

  4. While there is currently no limit on how large you can make your base, please do not go over board. If there is an issue with how much land you are taking over, you will be notified.

Clan Rules:

  1. Please make sure to advise of clan creations so that a clan chat, voice chat, and discord tag can be created.

  2. Strictly no obscenity in your clan name.

  3. Clans MUST follow all server rules. They can apply some of their own rules if they wish. Admin and Moderate will let you know if any of the rules you are applying are going to be an issue.

  4. When in a Clan, you must respect other clan member’s personal buildings. No stealing allowed from another clan member’s personal building.

  5. Clans are allowed ONE clan base. It MUST be indicated with a sign somewhere around the main structure/walls.