[WORLD] Bio MARE/Foremans: Floater/Bloater stuck in sewer

Down in the sewer area, Floaters/Bloaters are getting stuck in this specific spot. Can’t attack or aggro them out. Even though the area is instanced, there’s always people comming in/out so it doesn’t reset.

Normally I wouldn’t think this was too much of a big deal, except:

  1. Gotta kill 3 of each for elite assignment
  2. Gotta kill 8 of each for the blank cleareance id
  3. It’s a nice leveling spot for low levels.

Is it possible for Devs add something to block mobs from getting stuck in there?

That has been a clog spot as long as I can remember. It doesn’t always occur but when it does it screws everything up quite well lol.

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