Clips of bugs found on TestLive by Let's be geeks

Testlve EU2 conflict

Just logged in to the server


Inventory bar bug.
EU2 PVE conflict

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Meet me in the middle: the nature of the texture your victim falls into is much like a parfait, or fluffy soil.

In the past, he/she would fall into the void, and now even if it’s jarring they resolve into our side of the mesh. It’s better to be able to harvest them, so even if it looks less good I’m quite a bit happier. :slight_smile:

To be clear, we are loving the new patch

  • client and server performance are way better
  • NPC and animal levels are much better and more of a challenge
  • progression to the north is more difficult and needs more planning (a good thing)
  • Elite versions of animals is a great idea to make farming more interesting

Our purge meter is still far from full so can’t judge on that yet

We’re playing on the testlive server to help find bugs before they hit the public.
I’m in software myself, so I know it can be discouraging for devs when bugs are found, but don’t worry,
Prioritise them an try to solve them to make this great product even better.


Clan members location on the map is flaky.
Sometimes there is no indicator while a clanmember is online
Sometimes the location is wrong.
All clan members are at the base, but one marker is out in the wild

A detail that might help: The erroneous location is the place where he last died.


Apparently one of the markers is a ‘dead one’.
now my clanmember is onlne, the old one stayed there

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Not sure if this is intended or not
Carrier thrall does not put his shield away after a battle:

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Appearing as walking horizontally.
Happens now and again.
On my screen I’m running, on a clan members screen I’m horizontal


Fish traps must be placed on land now.
Tried to put them as close to the water as a I could, but the closest is just outside the water.
Location: Lake behind the great dam. east side


Thank you for all your feedback @Sting01, I am sending in to our team.

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We have some additional information on the login issue.
Yesterday one of our clan members couldn’t log in.

He tried 10 times but no success, Fatal error every time.
So we tried killing him and removing his bedroll and he could log on immediately

This in combination with the map bug we mentioned earlier makes me think if it’s possible that when someone drops out of the server, the server still thinks the person is online and the client throws an uncaught exception and crashes?

Just a wild speculation of course, but wanted to give you my 2 cents anyway :wink:

Keep up the good work.

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No servers available?

Server is back but …


Haven’t changed anything, haven’t installed any new software,
no W10 updates afaik
Was playing yesterday, but game crashed while I logged off out of the game (sent feedback)

Will try again

PVE server EU:

After creating a character:

And the client is unresponsive.

So I guess it crashed just at the time it created my character.

(image is not changed, blur is from the screenshot)

Journey step bug is back I think.
Steps to reproduce:

  • create character
  • get journey steps eat, drink and climb
  • Log off
  • Log on again

Steps to do have returned again:

Server: EU1 PVE (could’t get onto EU2 PVE-C)

Ending with a funny one, not a new bug though.

crouch under a stair and sleep

Looks very uncomfortable

Our Testlive servers are experiencing issues, so I imagine those errors you reported are related to that. We apologize for this situation.

Thank you for the feedback, @Ignasis
Today also, not been able to log on, Fatal Error every time, so no more bug reports I fear.

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Tried about a dozen times, no luck.
Any news on when these issues will be resolved and we can continue testing?

Our team is looking into it, but they’re focusing on some instability issues found on live servers at the moment, so it will take a little bit longer to get Testlive’s stabilized.