Clips of bugs found on TestLive by Let's be geeks


Ok, live servers have indeed higher prio.
Let us know if we can provide extra information on the testlive environment.


Not sure if you changed anything, but I was able to log on this evening.
Got some building in and haven’t had any issues.


Clan member is seeing pieces that aren’t there (not in my game).
I’m climbing a clean wall

And the other way around: wall in my game is ok, but not there in clan members game:


Sound bug (echo chopping wood)


I can’t produce a video right now, but it seemed like weapon impact/slicing sounds were very different for the 2h sword.

The sounds of impact on the target were consistently played, but the metallic slicing sounds were sporadic, compared to live servers where it’s consistent.


And the server (EU PVE-C) is inaccessible again (Fatal Error)


Server is back online. :slight_smile:

No clip sadly but a new bug.
We have Schroedinger pets.

When you try picking them up (tested on bear and wolf cubs) , it seems you can’t but they are in the inventory anyway.
So they are caught and not caught at the same time.


Stability issue.
Ceiling attached to a 100 stability piece should be 80, not 40

I have identical parts of the tower where it’s ok,

This is messing with other parts of the build where stability is 0 and should be 40.

If you want to check: EU2 PVE-C server
Tower on the east shore of the lake right behind the great dam (next to the tower you can build in).

I removed the ceiling and replaced it with a new one and now it doesn’t have a stability anymore


Health indicator is stuck at 50% while I’m at 100
This happened after logging in, before it was ok.
I have passive health regeneration.



I placed additional square ceilings and they also haven’t got any stability.
So I logged off and on again and this is the result:

Apparently now we have Schroedinger’s ceilings. They are both there and not there.
Logging off and on again solved the issue.
The ceilings now have 80 stability as they should.


More random pieces appearing.
The walls should be there, the fences and roof parts have spawned in during the logging of and on again.

I can however remove them, so they seam real.


More random building changes after logging off and on again:

Ceiling pieces have disappeared, and the fences that were on them have dropped to a lower level.
They were at the top of the image in the indicated area and are now at the bottom.

This is a massive build intended to test the crap out of the new version, so could be some overflow issues.

The pieces still seem to be there because I don’t fall trough them:

If you need more info or need me to test something don’t hesitate to PM me


Not sure if this is intended or not.

We have a dancer on the ground floor and I’m still entertained on the 10th floor.


We are getting thrown out of the server a lot. (disconnected)


Cauldrons don’t need any fuel any-more.
Is this intended?


Hi all, We’ve been dropped about a dozen times this evening.
After about 15min playing we are dropped from the server, but the character is still in there (according to steam).
It takes a lot of attempts and time to get back onto the server.

This is making people giving up on testing the new patch.
Any news on when you’ll be able to work on this?


Seems to be accessible again.

Small bug: Greater wheel of pain is turning all by itself:


Not sure if this intended, but blunted arrows give damage. Almost killed the thrall before knocking him out.


New bug

  • Go to sleep in a bed before logging off
  • Log back on
  • Jump out of bed
    You will notice that you are rubber banded to you bed and can’t leave the area.
    Going to sleep again and waking up again fixes this issue.


New bug.

When you have a triangle piece on top of a pillar and a pillar on to of that one, you can’t upgrade it without leaving the sandstone piece intact.
You need to remove the sandstone triangle first (risking to destroy part of the base) and then placing the upgraded one.