Testlive EU2 PVE-C - Issues Found So Far

Gone from Lv 0-30 so far : Official Testlive EU2 PvE-C

1, Bodies vanish for dead player but can be seen by others. This happens 50% of the time, I was respawning at my bed very near to the deaths.

2, LAG… Only 3 of us online, still getting laggy spots especially near player bases. This is a huge problem and makes me not want to play at all. I dread to think how bad it would be with more players online.

3, Based near the Tower of the Bats, many Hyenas do not display a health bar and cant be killed but dish out damage, these were not pets.

4, Arcos The Wanderer keeps walking around “in a hurry” with swift changes in direction, he never pauses which makes it hard to select him.

5, Rocknose can put their whole head through Tier 1 walls and a few times entered our building whilst the door was closed. With the door open they can just walk in with ease.

6, Crafting many Conan Armour parts in my own inventory, many times when an item finished being crafted the queue gets cleared causing you to need to redo the crafting instruction.

7, If two players are accessing the inventory of a placeable, as one leaves, the 2nd player is also kicked out of the inventory.

8, Often getting a sand particle splash effect when mining iron ore.

9, Shaping wood creates too much bark.

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10, Dropped items (in loot bags) are not vanishing. Small quantity of items, 24hrs later they are still there.

11, After slaying a Rocknose, occasionally the body isn’t harvestable for a short time, 10-20 seconds later it can be harvested.

I don’t have a problem with 9. plus I’ve had an issue with 7 for months now, was starting to think it was a feature xD

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12, Thralls and Pets are still alive in bases which have decayed and vanished.

13, When 99% encumbered, I keep getting the “You are over encumbered” message.

14, A couple of random times, my character turned invisible but can still take damage. Dieing and respawning restores the character to normal.

Hope you don’t mind me adding some that I have encountered on Testlive US3_PVE.

  1. pressing E on a slain enemy does not bring up the loot window. you can see the stuff and only way to get the loot is by pressing F to loot all.

  2. seeing sand particle effect when hitting darfari using a stone sword.

  3. split stack is broken. if you hold shift to split a stack, and then type in the amount to split off like the old way. it ignores the number you type in and just splits it in half. only way to get a different amount than half is to use the new slider.

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15, First time this has happened to me: My Thrall fell through the ground whilst on a rope, but was still attached with the rope being kept taught as I moved about. Once the rope broke/expired, the thrall never reappeared.

Thank you very much for the reports! I’ve sent these off to the dev team. I’m going to ask some follow-up questions on several of these as I need some more information.

Was this happening in specific places or randomly? Were you noticing any kind of pattern?

Could be that they haven’t starved yet. Thralls and pets won’t necessarily die immediately just because a building decayed. Are they still around now, a day after you posted the report?

This is being fixed :slight_smile:

We added some new particle effects to attacks. If your weapon strikes the ground texture while attacking it will spray up sand, grass, snow, dirt, etc. I’m guessing you were fighting the Darfari in the desert?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Have you been able to reproduce this in the same area?

Thanks Jens, yes I was in the desert. I like it so far.

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Two of us playing together and based near all the iron deposits below the Tower of the Bats. If I died just outside our base, 50% of the time my body would not be visible by me when I returned. Later (15-20 min) it would be. The other player with me could always see my body. I couldn’t see a pattern, just random. I died in other areas but was always able to find my body. Sorry I cant help with more info.

Yes they are, found another bunch too from a base I saw vanish 2 days ago.

Not yet, still trying. To add: It was a thrall which I had knocked out, taken inside my base as no space in the wheel. She came round and I had to knock her out again (I like that they now stay in the house) I put her on my rope and ran out of my base, whilst still on the foundations she fell through and stayed below as I moved back onto the lawn. She was clearly still on my rope but 6 feet under. The rope snapped and she remains underground now, was a shame because she was really pretty with a nice rack :wink: . I will try to recreate it and get back to you.

Loving how your dead body now floats in water :slight_smile:

Love the new landing animations :slight_smile:

LAG guys, it’s really bad on this server. I’ve setup a fresh Testlive server of our own and the lag is not a problem yet but there is only one 4x4 house on it so far.

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This seemed still broken in my tests yesterday, didn’t found the time to test it today.
But E doesn’t bring up anything for me when i slash any npc.

I also wanted to follow up on this. What do you consider to be “too much bark”? How much wood are you shaping at a time?

Glad you like 'em! :slight_smile:

We’ve gotten multiple reports about this and we’re investigating the issue. We were unable to reproduce it on a private server, but we will try again on the official Testlive servers.

Please check again. We implemented a fix specifically for this in the last patch.

This isn’t a big issue and maybe I will find a use for the bark later on as I progress in the game. I would typically fill the carpenters bench with wood and craft all of it down into shaped wood. I’m only Lv40 ish on this server. I’m getting a 1-for-1 trade and already have a chest full of bark. Like I said, I can either throw some away or use it later on. I was just questioning the 1-1 ratio at this stage of my progression. NB, my carpenter bench didn’t have a thrall attached.

In the latest thread, 28/11/2018 testlive, I have highlighted my recent review. I don’t think the lag is caused by the quantity of players or clans on the server or the amount of buildings. The game just seems to struggle to retrieve inventory lists when you first access them.

Yes, there’s an issue when the server collects data from inventories. We’re aware of it and working on fixing it.

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I’ll check it this week-end when i have a moment, today impossible, busy day !

But tks for working on it !

The jump and landing animations are candy indeed!!! Make the game much more beautiful, I wish they add more, like idle animations, lean on walls, prone, open map, drink water from rivers, and hope the once told consumables animations still come.

Our bodies don’t appear either, I’m on PS4 and half of the time your body doesn’t appear, sometimes others can see the body, other times they can’t either, even though they sat there watching you die.

Most of the time I can save my gear by running out of loading range, or leaving game and rejoining. But most of the time I just request someone else to collect my stuff and drop it for me.

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We are aware of this issue. Please keep responses in this subforum related to PC Testlive.

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