Testlive bug/issue list - Revision #87180/17052


I am using this thread to report any bugs/issues that I encounter on testlive.
I may add new bugs that I find to this buglist. If you have questions regarding a bug report, please ask me.


  • Mitra Avatar description is wrong in the character creation screen (currently is “Twin-faced goddess”)
  • Breasts from females behave weird in first person when moving sidewards and forwards
  • Escape key still broken
  • You can’t escape out of the game whilst in character creation
  • You can see the vulcano from the start (not sure if intended)
  • Dead bodies behave weird in Singleplayer (animation bugs)
  • Placing the last object of a stack will also perform an attack, if attack stance is currently active
  • Getting burned on top of Mek-kamoses Spire will result in being bugged. You can only wait until you die again.
  • Skeletons attack the giant snake inside the Citadel of the Triumvirate
  • Player list does not show correct Steam ID
  • NPC camps and resources only respawn after a server restart
  • Harvested stones/trees/ores “reappear” after some time, but remain invisible
  • Workbenches disappear when placed on ceilings
  • You can still peek into closed chests with the quick loot menu
  • If you mine a pillar at the brimstone lake, it destroys at the first hit, but you can still keep mining it
  • Derketo’s kiss is not working (god tools in general)
  • After reconnecting, the journey steps reset and you can not complete them again
  • Dancers in the Sepermeru tavern don’t heal corruption
  • Sandstorms can hurt you in some areas of the Skittering Cavern (this might apply to other caves/dungeons as well)
  • Tool upgrade kits reduce the tool’s durability by 25% (not sure if intended)
  • Sometimes, when resources are respawned by the Server they do not get recognized by the Client, so you can get stuck at invisible rocks or trees.
  • Lusttaker shouldn’t be crafted at the blacksmith bench, because it requires Manifestation of Zeal
  • Braga (Cimmerian village) appears 2 times on the map (old and new location)
  • Bedroll map markers disappear from time to time (after reconnect/server restart)

I have already started making ironhead arrows at the woodworking station, and I acquired the feat with woodworking station, but the feats list still shows ironhead arrows as separately available for training.

I applied a tool upgrade to Derketo’s Kiss and the durability dropped from 200 to 150.

I can’t speak for the other tools that I upgraded because I forgot to check their default durability.
Though, upgraded durability on the Iron Hatchet, Iron Pick, Skinning Knife and Cleaver are all at 450.

BTW: Derketo’s Kiss is working perfectly for me, (AFAIK.) I get one essence and a whole lot of body parts. Yog would be proud.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the durability settings on my server are doubled.

I tested it again and it seems that the durability for all tools is reduced by 25%.

Yes, the Derketo Tool worked for me today in Singleplayer. Need to test it on a x3 Harvest Server again.

@SirDaveWolf They ask to put feedback / bug here : Testlive Patch Notes (31.03.2018)

@Community manager. Please move my bug reports in this thread to the correct thread. This one looked official. Sorry.

No worries, thanks for pinging me. :slight_smile: I didn’t move it, but I went ahead and noted the reports in my bug report file. Put put any other reports you see on TestLive into the TestLive thread


Sounds like I should abandon this thread now and post there.

But I will do as you please. :slight_smile: