A few problems encountered on testlive last night


  • Yog Cleaver wasn’t working on dead humans, it gave nothing but did lose durability (I am a Yoggite and tried several times over the course of an hours-long adventure)
  • I can loot my own chest through a sandbrick wall, don’t know if my enemies can too
  • I killed 3 or 4 of another player’s archer thralls with a spear through the wall and door of their gallery, probably should do if building damage occurs it only damages buildings not npcs or pcs, I suspect I can hit pcs through the wall but haven’t tried
  • Abyssal Remnant dungeon from start to almost finish was AWESOME, except the boss didn’t move or react during our time with him. This was through multiple re-logs and a server reset (not wipe). We went in the acid a couple of times to see what was in there and were able to read the reptile recipes. We just left after that.
  • My brother got stuck after he killed another player’s archer thrall. The thrall was in a player-made gallery, 3 blocks wide, 1 block deep, with a roof overhead and a fence across one side. He got stuck in a crouch between the fence’s top and the roof as he tried to loot the body and had to re-log several times to get “unstuck.”
  • If I do an emote, like laying on the ground, and someone hits me, I am free to move but I am stuck in the emote pose until I do “voodoo” (random things a player tries to alleviate a bugged condition) to get out of the pose.
  • I was stuck in a “sitting in the chair fist under chin” pose after I sat on a chair that was quite near the stygian table I made. For several minutes my camera angle was locked to my characters direction and I couldn’t angle the camera despite resetting keyboard to defaults and hitting “v” to go to free camera mode. Logging in and out several times progressively fixed the situation.
  • Quality of Life (QOL) Suggestion: As a dedicated Yoggite I would like to be able to make my Yoggite spear in the wild, that way if all my weapons are broken I can quickly make something better than a stone implement.
  • Quality of Life (QOL) Suggestion: With repair hammer let me see if a certain ceiling tile can’t place an adjacent one because of inadequate support
  • Quality of Life (QOL) Suggestion: I would prefer not to have to go to the web to learn how to make things like salt and spice and how a planter works!
  • Quality of Life (QOL) Suggestion: I have several thralls in my base but it is a very quiet place… add sentences to these mutes! Where are the lamentations of the thralls?
  • Overall Suggestion: Sepermaru was an awesome sight to behold, but was very empty despite everything that was there. I would love if Sepermaru had unique things only attained there in the city with coin to give players a reason to journey there a second time.
  • Overall Suggestion: As an avid Robert E. Howard reader, ABSOLUTELY continue to walk the line of quality-of-life improvements vs. handholding like you all have been. This game is extremely satisfying to play because of the challenges it presents… Keep it up! This is Conan Exiles, not Baby Exiles! :slight_smile: