Bug: Sandstone wedges refuse to give up the ghost

After a brief search here and at Trello I found @Sting01 first identified this on 19 Jan, but there is more information to add.

Bug: Sandstone wedges will not properly upgrade under certain conditions.
Server Type/Region: Official TestLive server, Private TestLive serveur, North America, PVP
Summary: Upgrading a sandstone triangle ceiling piece (wedge) will cause the piece to merge with its upper-tier replacement under some conditions.
Conditions: If the Sandstone wedge is already built with a pillar below or above it, or if the wedge has a Khitan Lantern descending from below (yet the lantern is set too high, into the wedge).

Steps to repeat:

  1. Build simple 6-piece Wedge Foundation circle
  2. To make it easier to see, build two pillars, two pillars high on two of the pie pieces
  3. Build 6 sandstone wedges in a circle on top of the pillars
  4. Place a Khitan Lantern under one of the ceiling wedges, but do not “shift-lower” it
  5. Go on top of the circle and upgrade each of the six wedges to Frontier
    6a. Every time, the two pieces connected to pillars will not upgrade properly.
    6b. Almost every time the piece with the descender (lamp or brazier) will not upgrade properly.

Workaround: if you have pieces that have merged, go away from the area and either harvest or kill something. If you’re unsure of how far to go, sprint in one direction for 30 seconds, harvest/kill, then return. I have had 90% success by approaching the piece from below and selecting to destroy only the sandstone. If that fails, go back up top and put your pointer on the outer rail of the merged piece. You will often be able to just catch the sandstone piece for destruction.


Sometimes happens with square foundation pieces and ceiling foundation pieces, too. I was doing some more testing in the Testlive version just this morning when it happened to only one foundation piece and one ceiling piece (upgrading from sandstone to stonebrick). I had to remove/destroy the stonebrick pieces, dig down to the sandstone pieces (remove/destroy them) and then refit the hole with stonebrick pieces instead of just replacing them. Expensive replacement, but it works.

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Nice that you’ve found a reliable way to reproduce this bug.
Though it randomly occurs with other replacements…I’ve also had the sandstone building piece remain after upgrading to various tiers (stonebrick, reinforced stone t3, khitai, black ice, aquilionan) when replacing fences, fence foundations, pillars, square ceiling tiles, square foundations, triangle ceiling tiles, triangle foundations.


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