Cannot place object even though it isn't overlapping

Game mode: Multiplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: US East

I’ve been having a “bug???” where I can’t place these wedge pieces next to each other. I have a support pillar on the block right next to it. Just curious if there is a work around.

There is a pillar giving stability to the pieces. I’ve been scouring for a solution across the web. I am also not able to attach walls to this area.

From what I have been reading from other forums and reddit, it seems like this has been an issue for a while.
It would be a fantastic if you enabled a server command, similar to ark, that lets you disable structure placement collisions. At least until you fix these bugs.
Building, of all things, should be one of the first things that works properly in a game like this.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place a sandstone foundation
  2. Place a sandstone ceiling
  3. Make a connection with sandstone wedges and repeat in a circular pattern.

I seen this, but only in certain areas… where are you trying to build?

To the west of sinners refuge, on a flat area next to a large tree.

I’m used to this bug.

My workaround: put it away, build something else and then try it again.
Otherwise: give this building part to someone else,

And sometimes another building part close to this one is bugged. Destroy it, build it again. Everything is fine.

Or use a map room or change regions.

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The large tree is the problem… before you could build into it, but now you can’t get under it’s branches…