World boss blocking on official

Classic 1036 PVE-C again…
This is why I barely play on this server anymore.

So 0 reason to report anyone? Then just why is anyone being banned at all?

really thinken it’s time to go play 7days.

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I once got video evidence, and the location of a wall completely blocking the stream that flows south from violet isle, that suddenly prevented me from dragging unconscious thralls to my wheel. And someone from support said there was no rule violation.

Wow and i lived in fear because i blocked a tigerspawn.


I now had this confirmed by another player. This really begs the question, that they should update the ToS as well as tjhe battle pass challenges, as some of them involve world bosses

that reply seems to go directly against the directives spelled out in the Official Server Guidelines Players see on login to an Official Server.

How does a World Boss not fall into this category?

@Community I would appreciate some clarification regarding the response shared in the Original Post.


I reported a clan blocking the way to the spider boss near the black galeon on another official server, got the same response.

I had a miniboss challenge, had to go to 3 to find one that wasn’t built over.

Yeah… well, what can I say at this point? Society is going crazy. Sooner or later it had to reflect on videogaming industry. People have their priorites and values all messed up. No wonder they can’t enforce a ToS coherently.

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I’ll volunteer to be admin on the public server I’m on.

The saddest thing is that I can predict how this will go. This thread will be closed and Funcom will not reach out to the player who complained. If they did so, they would “risk” their communication with that player being later posted online. Better to leave the problem be and pretend nothing is happening.

It’s all about not setting precedents…


Most asked for them to take a hands off approach and be able to deal with issues themselves.

I’m sure if the OP asks his fellow FC provided server players nicely, they will graciously allow him the use of the world spawns he is looking for. Being that said players are ultimately innocent and FC should simply leave them be.

Surely you all do not want the players labled in the OP’s report to be suspended and lose their stuff or face a wrongful ban, right?

The only thing I suppose people want is coherence from Funcom’s admins, rather than randomness or hypocrisy.

If you have rules and you enforce them, it is incoherent and hypocritical to say “yeah but not this time lmao”
We want (I assume) clarity and certainty when it comes to rules, not ambiguity and uncertainty.


No one is going to ever agree with what coherency actually is. For them to truly be consistent would be to enact a standard and just stick to it and ignore all complaints from that point on. It piss’s everyone off, but it is consistent.

When they listen to feedback, well then they lose their consistency because feedback is never consistent. Not unless it is from a single source.

If everyone got together and agreed to just pick a person to devise how enforcement should be done and simply allow that to represent everyone as a whole, then you can see consistent results due to feedback. Would you all like for me to provide that feedback on your behalf? I’ll do it. You may not like everything that comes out of it, but it will be consistent.

You’ve heard or read me blather on about the builds on the PVE server I’m on. IF admin logged in to the server and started enforcing a clarified TOS, I know of at least 5 builders; not sure how many builds, would get a nice vacation. Not my opinion, they are blatant.

I can guaranty 2 of those people are whales. Crom may not have any power but croms sure do.
Funcom has to know what actually enforcing the TOS on the public server would do to player count and sales. It’s not in funcoms best financial interests to enforce the TOS on PVE servers. That is my opinion and I’m confident in it.

I think this might be an overly optimistic assessment of how people interact in an online community.

The way I see it, Rules have been put into place. I do not think that it is unrealistic to expect to have these rules enforced consistently.

What exactly are you suggesting here?
I am not sure I understand.

You just defined it…

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Here’s the problem, many think the rules aren’t enforced. Many think they are enforced too harshly. Many can’t agree on what blocking x thing actually is and what standard it should be. I’ve heard everything from no world bosses, to some world bosses but not all, to no brimestone, to some brimestone, and even something as silly as blocking no branches or rocks.

Its all over the place. There’s no agreement on how any of this should be followed. So turn it over to me. I’ll come up with a solution for the community to follow through hell or high water. It won’t make everyone happy, but if they (FC) follow the guideline it will be consistent. Doesn’t have to be me, just one single entity.

But the biggest issue with any solution is ego. Everyone thinks they way they play on these servers is the right way and that FC should enforce that method they have in their heads that they don’t always (if ever) present clearly.

In reality if everyone just minded their own business and didn’t play like dicks then there wouldn’t be any issues to begin with. But they think they know better… so let them prove it. Come on all, you all are smart, fix the problem amongst yourselves. You all got this.

Funcom themselves should be that entity, making the rules and enforcing them.
Their rules are vague and the enforcement is whacky, so they also fail at this part of the job.


Nothing. It’s just trolling. The whole post boils down to “a lot of people are complaining about admins banning players, now other people are complaining about how admins are not banning players, therefore you’re all hypocrites (or something) and I’m very smart”.