World Boss Week

Sorry for opening a thread for such a dumb question I was away a while, but when did this WB week start and when will it end? in game one told me sunday, another wednesday

From the first Wednesday of the month until the following Tuesday. I mean till the end of tuesday, not sure what time zone.

much obliged

First Wednesday 00:00 GMT0 for a full 7 days.

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Thank you

Btw I have a gtx 1050 4gb and even at min setting it is painful at world boss, those of you who have no issue what card are you using?

change the particles settings to self only, else you will barely see anything, even if your pc is able to handle all the spells effects and such… :wink:

roger that!

also when going to fight the world boss it’s a good idea to turn off damage numbers coming up on screen and turn off player names.

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Before I go anywhere near the WB I can my settings over to PVP/Raid, turn off shadows, wind in tree’s, grass to lowest, World particles off and others to self etc… etc… and even then it’s generally a lagfest.

turn off vicinity player names and healthbars etc. (everything)

this has a great deal to do with lags aswell

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Yep, this and other people’s particles are two of the biggest things to disable to improve WB performance.

Also, AoC remains very CPU locked. It is almost purely single threaded, so in most cases, that is the bottleneck and not the GPU.

1050 2gb on high-max settings works fine till no mages around)))

I uwe a gtx 1080 ti which Works perfect. I have high resolution on ultra wide screen and all settings on high, all particles on.

Same card here. I switch particles to myself and player names/details off and then it’s usually fine.