World boss: can you please make it spawn in five vs 15 minutes? if anyone is out there

Instances fill up really fast: imo the world boss could spawn within five minutes of the NPCs showing up and it would be a lot less boring

but then…Funcom doesn’t live here anymore, right?

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That 15 min lead time is useful from time to time; allowing players to get there and allowing players to kill the current boss prior to porting over to the next instance to kill the next.

Umm, after the NPC’s spawn to indicate WB is about to pop, I thought it was about 5 minutes to actual spawn. When the WB dies, you have about 15-60 minutes before the NPC’s come back again for the next WB in the instance.

I don’t remember White Sands boss having a different timer for NPC->Spawn… but I guess I could be mistaken.

Great suggestion, I’ve been having a hard time too farming world boss for my 41 alts. I’m not sure I’ll have time to finish all of them before the week is over and it scares me.