A world boss accidentally blocked - Need admin help or suggestion

So a long story short, there’s a block sitting under the ground that is blocking a world boss from spawning. I’ve done everything I could to try and get it removed but it is not possible to target. Any suggestions or help possible?

Uhh… Explosives? I’m not sure if the blast will penetrate terrain but maybe.
Is this an official server?

And which boss is it?

Decay should take care of it if you stay away for six days. (I think)

It’s a PvE server, the white tiger on the far west side of the map.

Ah okay. Yeah sounds like you just need to let decay handle it.
Funcom reps will not help with something like this.

There are plenty more bosses with keys people can farm in the mean time.

I can confirm that we are unable to assist with any issue in game. I am very sorry that we are unable to assist you further.

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