World is tilted (Isle of Siptah)

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type :
Region: Europe
Mods?: Are mods installed: Yes
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

Everything is in the title, the world (ground) of Isle of Siptah is “tilted”. I play today 2-3 hours, I took a break, then when I relaunched the game this is what it gives me :

…and for a bug report I can’t post my screenshot because I’m new (Can a moderator allow me to post my screenshot ?)

But there is no update today and no mod update, so I don’t see where it can come from.

Exiting the game and logging again does not change anything, the world (ground) is still tilted…

Installed Mods:

300 Level
Lemurian Architect
Less Building placement restriction
Savage Steel
Aquilonian Passion Body
RA : Character customisation
Barbarian barber
Warfflugy Artisanal Utopian Spreed

Hey @Pulcino

You should be able to post the screenshot now. However, does this issue appear when playing without mods?

Hi, thanks ^^
here is the screenshot :

I saw that some on the forum had already posted similar bugs with tilted ground. What I don’t understand, if the problem is a mod, why now ? I haven’t subscribed to any new mods recently and haven’t had any issues before (and as said, no mod uptade on the day in question)

I was trying to disable most mods (except the most important) and no changes.

On the other hand I returned to “normal” by destroying the last 2 levels of my tower (Lemurian Architect) that I had just built … I then rebuilt them and this is what it gives :

However, I have a doubt when a return to normal at 100% as shown in this other view …

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I experienced a very similar bug in single player on Xbox series X. I was playing in the Exiled Land though.

I died and the screen became tilted when I respawned. A restart fixed the issue for me and I haven’t had it happen again

Perfect excuse to try a leaning tower of Pisa build.

Those of you who experienced this issue, did this happen after doing a certain action or was it just random?

From what I remember, I have just completed an additional floor of my tower and I “exited / reduce” the game with the windows key, because I had received a notification on Discord. When I returned, I had a problem with the building’s textures. So I quit the game in the main menu and when I restarted immediately my session there was an indescribable distortion sound (but short) and the ground was tilted…

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