Would be nice if horse saddles could be used in Thaumaturgy Bench | Illusion and colours


How nice would it be if we can change the looks of our horse saddles without sacrificing one for the other stats you don’t want.

A lot of players like me use light saddles because they offer the best maneuverability riding horses.

It is a shame we can’t use that nice skin we got from the base game, bazaar or the battle pass on saddles of your choice since most of them are medium or heavy. Even more disappointing since there is no light alternative to the clan emblem horse saddles for example.


Make us able to apply other skins on saddles similar to illusions on armour and weapons.

Extra nice to have

Allow us to change the colour of saddles.


Would love this. And some saddles can be dyed while others can’t (the new battle pass ones for example) and I loathe the inconsistency there.

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I haven’t been able to dye any of them, but I didn’t try that many.
Haven’t tried to colour the ones from the Battle Pass if able too :stuck_out_tongue:

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A missed opportunity was not allowing players to display their clan emblem on the saddle when they added the Clan Emblem workbench.

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Saddles absolutely need to be dyeable. Every one of them.

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