Would it be possible?

A control to the access to the dedicated Servers?
I mean to have total control to let players enter or not to your own private server. Some games work with the Whitelist by which if you are not in it they cannot enter the server, to prevent Players from Tox. Troll and undesirable things enter without more, I know that in the official servers it is impossible but there is no possibility of having a real control at the door of entering your server where to decide who enters and who does not? Putting a password is not a solution because anyone can pass the password to the neighbor … Thank you.

Sorry but I am Spanish I try to be understood. (Translated by Google)

and how it works ? Well, I have not seen any server capable of blocking or denying the passage to anyone who wants to join. That just prioritizes the ones on the list.

In the Console version * Ps4 * how would it be? thank you … that’s my question.

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