Wtf funcom! my 3 greater rhino


I made a caravan rhino using my greater rhino they turn to normal rhino wth i pent so much time taming those 3.
im getting annoyed again with this game…

BUG| All four different Rhinos become the same Turanian Caravan Rhino (Pet)

I bet they have the stats of a greater Rhino :thinking: or not ?



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:tired_face: Thanks for the warning. You should report this as a bug.


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PC Hotfix (15.04.2019) - Treasures of Turan DLC and UI fix

now i want a refund for that 2nd year pass


They will fix this, believe me. Just report this to them.

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this isnt a normal rhino, its a caravan one, hence the extra slots.


The food turns all of them into caravan rhinos. So there should be a caravan rhino, a greater caravan rhino and a black caravan rhino. there are 3 different recipes so it is a bug. Thanks OP for the heads up I was about to convert mine.

bug or very misleading titles anyway

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They are in the game, but not linked right.
It’s a bug, and should be corrected soon, i hope. :wink:


That’s cool there are 20 vs 10 slots.
I was under the assumption it was a cosmetic change only. (Cool that it wasn’t)


greater pets should have the same stats when you put cosmetics on them rhino have a recipe to use a greater rhino but it turned to a normal rhino caravan


@Saxons, if I understand you correctly - your rhino, in the picture, is a ‘normal rhino’… yet it has 20 slots.
Ive never had 20 slots on any of my pets. (single-player, no mods)

So Im a bit confused, as it appears that pack animals, (base model) do give an extra 10 slots… (to make 20 total) is this correct?

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Hey there,

It’s intended that there’s no caravan version of a Greater Rhino. Caravan Rhinos have extra slot spaces (there’s been a slight confusion about this, our apologies), while Greater Rhinos have beefed up stats. Choosing between the Greater or Caravan version is a trade-off. Having both would be an advantage gameplay-wise, which would be against our aim with our DLC.
This can be confusing and lead to a loss of important pets as reported in this thread, so we’ll make sure to send note to our team and see if they could implement a way to warn players beforehand.

Greater Caravans
PC Hotfix (15.04.2019) - Treasures of Turan DLC and UI fix

Thanks so much for the clarification on this, @Ignasis!

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Simply make so that only normal rhino can be turned in caravan-rhinos. If players try use a greater one, they should be unable and become a message, use rhino in order to make this.

This would do the trick and avoid the loss of greater rhinos.

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