(XB1) Legionnaries Rp/PvP Fresh 40 slot server, 5x XP, 5x harvest

Legionnaries Rp/PvP Fresh 40 slot server, 5x XP, 5x harvest, Starter kits! Fair rules with good admins! Join our discord! zH44kqj

We are looking to build a community of RP/PVPers that enjoy the game for what it is and want to have fun and not worry about trolls or toxicity. We have a good group of admins that are willing to work with our community every step of the way. The server is FRESH and is a 40 slot server with 5x XP and 5x harvest, we also offer some pretty awesome start kits!!! We have fair rules and a solid starting group. I hope to see you out there! Please keep in mind that we only want mature 18+ players. If you are interested in joining our server please contact via xbox Heroic Frost and/or J2H Paladin or ZeroDark41 or Neroia. You can also join our discord using the following code: zH44kqj

Server rules

  1. No KoS (kill on sight)
  2. No out of character hate
  3. No offline raiding
  4. To raid must declare war then wait one hour (declared in discord)
  5. If conflict with other player get an admin
  6. Don’t run from role play
  7. No party chat must talk in game
  8. Any troubles with trolls get an Admin (if possible video evidence)
  9. Role play name no gtags in game