Xbox (21.03.2019): Optimizations, Balancing, Purges, and much much more

You want the game to be…easier? Lol, the harder the better in my opinion. They did a great job with the difficulty sliders in this update. Everybody wants a easy pass in any way possible. They want names on doors, names in event logs, easy steel and xp runs etc. The game took a great step in the right direction and we have people upset? This is a survival pvp game, it should be hard.

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Ever since they took away the ability to search for names in event logs, the Alpha clans started scratching their heads all across the servers. No more bully tactics, now strategy matters. Embrace

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The biggest problem at the moment I think is that the npc keeps multiplying on there own so instead of attack small groups of foes you’ve an army to face instead the glitch needs fixing ASAP otherwise would be pointless playing it if your just going to keep dying every thirty seconds due to a glitch

The event log needs to stay but it should not say who did the action

Much improved now as an experience. I particularly like the marker that is created over your corpse when you die - which happens to me a lot - it’s a game changer as I “lost” my corpse so many times.

I agree. Outside of immersion or performance tweaks that can be worked on, the developers did a damn good job in the latest update to make the game a harsh survival world.

Nope. Play. Slay.

Or, since there wasn’t a server wipe, you have Alphas, that are already well established, just wiping everyone off the server because of ONE instance in their event log. That’s due to not being able to see who’s building you’re coming up to or who participated in looting stuff from you. I’m all for a good implement for the system you want, but just leaving it to NOT knowing anything is creating chaos and causing people to just leave servers. Not because its harder, but because these ALPHAS are just wiping any AND everything out before anyone can even clear Noob River. Sounds a lot like Ark now. I’m going to guess you’re not a part of the community that getting pounded left and right by these ALPHAS. You’re actually probably one of them. I suggest an hour “tracker” type thing. If you do damage to another persons building, don’t give away any info. But if you steal something from them, and you check the event log within that time frame, there should be a tracker that shows the position of “said” item you tag. Just for an hour, from the initial grab of the item.

I understand Alphas can be daunting. But what you are feeling now is the same thing others have felt from your Alpha just because they stole a fish or open pen pet. But now their true selves are coming out, as they do not see anyone of the people as friends or allies. they only needed them to become so enriched that they can go wipe crazy. all the while they were leaving you alone, or even white knighting you so you could play conflict free, with a false sense of security. They were really using the time without conflict to amass mats so they could log in and check event log and wipe as they felt. Now they get to play the game, and keep a pulse on the server.

Perhaps you missed i said SINGLE PLAYER mode last i checked single player is not PvP. I suggest you read the post before makin comments.