Xbox Alternate Controller Preset not working correctly

After patch 3.01 I’ve noticed that the controller layout for the Xbox One still feels off from before 3.0.
Tapping Y does your special attack but also sheaths your weapons when held.
X is used to attack but holding X now brings up the radial menu to interact with objects and followers as the right trigger did before.
Right trigger mounts your pet but no longer drinks from wells or interact as it did before patch 3.0 having been replaced by X
it seams that the Alternate controller system is a cross between Default and the old Alternate settings.
I know some control options were changed around so I wonder if this is operating as expected or still needs to be fixed.

Hello there @Manhu2020 and welcome to our forums!

Thank you for taking the time to report this to us.

In regards to the situation described, does this happen on all game modes regardless of the server being played?

All game modes it seems. As in combat radial menu pops up when using light attacks, sometimes weapon sheathes when doing heavy attack, it has negativeky impacted gameplay combat.

Im on xbox series x.

Thank you for the reply.
I’ve only tested on Single player, Island of Siptah, No server.
Alternate controller setting seem to only change the tap function of buttons while leaving the hold function of each button as it was in the default setting.

Yes this has been messed up. It has been reported before also. Just one of those things unfortunately putting a damper on the fun. Happens to me on coop, xbox series x, and exiles.

Any thoughts?

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