Xbox - Bug when building in trees, and more

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug when building in trees and more…
Region: Eu

Some pieses dont fit and its no good reason why (!) The message is “Cannot place while overlapping another objekt”, but its nothing there! But sometime after a wild it work fine…

And when you need to dodge after an series of attacks you cant dodge fast enough although you have stamnia.
And when youre noob its å bit difficult to get food and resources, you get killed easily and its exhausting to begin all over again. More experienced players kill you easy and take all youre resources. Very cool and injoyable game , it just takes a lot of work and time to gather resources and then it’s a bit annoying and tiring to start from scratch again. It would been nice to make the game a bit easier for beginners or else it can be hard to get motivated .

And i still get dashboarded when its alot of players on the game, and its no help in playing singel player for 5-10 min it seems…

I don’t want to mean any offense, but thats why is called survival, it means you gotta get your things, and keep’em , or loose’em. Its part of the game, you can play it solo and set to not loose the things with the corpse on death. And if you feel bad about being killed by other player and loose your stuff, there is always Player vs Environment servers.

Yeah i agree but still… I was waiting for that response ;).

It gets easier as you level up… If youre experiencing player griefing, maybe try another server. Or you can always focus on killing npc enemy to level up and get stronger to fight back.
Making a small and hard to find base can help as well.

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Yeah but on the official conflict server 2018 the survival (hard worker) mode dont get mutch better although you level up on it. Also other modes dont work good it seems. Is it because of server settings maby? On private server like Celtic Honor( pvp - America) you get 40 stones in one hit in less level than on conflict 2018 official server, there you get only 3-4 stones on higher level (!) wtf…