Major Singleplayer Bug

**Game mode: Single player / Co-Op
**Type of issue: Bug
**Hardware: Xbox One

Bug Description:

I have been playing on this single player game for over a week and everything has been fine. Now when I spawn in all harvestable rocks, trees, and bushes are gone. All of the wild animals and npcs are gone as well but there nests and camps remain. My base as well as all of my thralls and pets are still visible though.

Steps to Reproduce:

I’m not sure how to reproduce other than just playing the game but I have switched between singleplayer and co-op a few times when my friends wants to play.

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Are you loading in near your base or out in the wilds? Singleplayer / Co-op games can sometimes take a little bit longer to load in assets.

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Did you adjust your building radius the foot print if expanded larger than official could prevent spawning of rocks trees and npc

I’ve tried both and I’m still having the issue

I left all of the settings as default but one thing I did just notice is when I spawned very far away from my base it said it was land controlled by my clan.

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Try starting up a brand new custom singleplayer game with the land claim radius dropped down to 0.25. You can use admin commands to regain all of your thralls, gear, levels and building materials. You’ll need to nuke the save from manage games and apps with the everywhere option to clean slate the server.

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Has anyone put down hardened steel cages they are causing issues in the game invisible after placing and blocking movement

Hardened steel cages are visible and working as intended on xbox systems after update 2.4.6. Tested on an xbox one s and series x.

I fixed the problem by maxing out the resource respawn rate and reloading the game.

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