Single player game not loading all ore, trees , animals and thralls

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As stated above, my game is empty upon loading except my own home which has all crafters and items present, Xbox, single player,

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Admin…I’m hoping you read these as my game is no longer playable, it is devoid of all life! and resources, all accept for my home… Please fix soon

How far out from your base have you gone? I had something happen to me in my dessert base one time, where all the villages nearby were empty. I traveled out to some farther areas and everything started spawning back in, it was kind of creepy… Of course they started spawning in just as I decided to grab a chest in a village, so I got the bum’s rush.

I actually went for a 15 min run in one direction, then back, my glitch was for the entire map and has been like that for the last 8 hours. I think I may run out of food soon.

Nearly a day gone and my game is still unplayable…region Australia, effect is the same on single player co-op as it is on single player offline, It it only me? Or are others affected as well?

Really sorry to hear you have issues. This might be a silly question but have you tried to properly restart your xbox to see if that fixes the problem?

Yes I have tried restarting many times including an unplug and replug in,

if all else fails delete the game and reĂŻnstall it (your savegame will remain in the cloud so you can go on where you left off when its reĂŻnstalled).

the thing you describe however, i have had similar problems when playing co-op in my friends world. sometimes after a while (when we get thralls at the lake in the north) on the way back all resources abd trees etc. are invisible.
they are still there, just cant see them. thos causes me to bump into everything and having to follow his footsteps to get to the wheel of pain before disconnecting and reconnecting to fix it.

he does not have this problem.

reĂŻnstall game, your savegame will remain in the cloud you will not lose progress. (unless you play online and reĂŻnstalling takes longer than 6 days.)

It was nice to try something, but the deletion and reinstall action did not fix my problem, although my game save was still there along with my home, the game was still missing trees, rocks ore and npcs…it’s still empty. Admin please fix my game!!!

Just did your latest Xbox update and it did not fix my game problem, anything else I could try to get my game back?

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