Mineable content,like trees, rocks, creatures and enemies not spawning

For about a month now my single player game is not loading since the Age of War part 2 update. When I load my game suddenly there’s no rocks, trees, ore, enemies or creatures. I can’t base build or add workbenches, I get a message telling me this is limited during PvP sessions. I don’t play PvP! The game is pretty much unplayable! Is there patch? Or this there one coming?

Which model Xbox console are you using? Also, are you playing on Official, Gportal, Single Player or Co-op?

My xbox is about 7 years old. I’m playing single player. The thing is after I downloaded Age of war part 2 the game worked properly for a couple of weeks then boom not loading properly

The update at the beginning of October is probably the cause of it. It’s created several problems

that was my thoughts too, but is there any plans for a fix or a patch?

Should be. Funcom are aware of it.

I hope so, I was starting to make proper progress.

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