XBOX Dedicated Server Question

Is there a manual on how to set up a dedicated (private) server for the XBOX? I am looking to set one up on the official release date (08-May-2018).

Are you wanting to host this server from your pc? I dont think cross platform has been implemented yet. There are hosts on gportal for rent though. Setting up a hosted xbox server would be the same as setting up a hosted pc server. just use the same settings. If im wrong about cross platform a link to an official statement by funcom would be nice. I know they talked about it but again, I dont think its done.

I meant renting a server for the Xbox platform. I noticed there is a manual for the PC that has instructions on how to configure the PC server, but I do not think that we would be able to use that same manual for the Xbox platform, although I could be wrong.

Another call to find out how to go about setting up (or renting) a dedicated Xbox Server. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

Never mind. I feel sooo foolish. I searched on Google and found the answer. It could not be easier.

I have a question for anyone who can answer it…

Has there been a discussion on allowing Xbox gamer’s to use a secondary Xbox as a server instead of the monthly fee servers? Ark is done that way, just wondering… It is such a bother having to use another’s server and take time to build / level up and one day they just don’t feel like paying the monthly fee anymore. I’m a single parent and cannot fit that into the budget along with my child’s extra activities or I’d get my own server. Since that isn’t the case for me, it would be nice to use my other Xbox as a server to play Conan on with more than 4 people.